Little Tickles. It took me a long time to write this small article. I was torn between telling the truth or avoiding it.This movie directed by Andrea Bescond and Éric Métayer strikes me twice, as a spectator and as a victim. Now it is said.
The Isle of Dogs. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors. Not only he succeeds in making movies but he’s also great when it comes to an art which is more difficult, the animation picture.
Foxtrot....From the very start , the director knocks out the spectator.

The other story. It was the opening movie of the Festival Israélien du Cinéma à Paris, with very good movies and various subjects tackled in this intricate society.

Rage and glory, selected at the Festival of Israeli Movie of Paris and released in 1984, during the war aginst Libanon,  aroused a controversy.
The Cakemaker is the first movie I saw at The Festival of Israeli Movie of Paris.
Hidden Figures...The real story of three women. It was about time to tell the story of these wonderful women...
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