18 Presents...18 Regali....Inspired by the story of Elisa Girotto, directed by Francesco Amato. This beautiful Italian movie tells the story of a mother who knows that she is seek and leaves her unborn daughter eighteen presents for each of her birthdays.
Movies and series to watch this week: Lots of news this week, especially the return to the cinema theaters, and some announced film releases ! Movies which will come out on June 22nd : here The online Champs Elysées Film Festival has begun.  We are One World Film Festival is over but you can still watch some films, masterclasses, online short films and more... here.  
Little Fires everywhere. This title coud not be more accurate now. Despite the good news this week with the reopening of movie theaters as from June 22nd, the selection of the Cannes Film Festival as from Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 at 6 P.M. and movies to be restored, (read at the end of the article), a short movie by Martin Scorsese,  the recent events in the USA made us sad and reveal how racism is still deep rooted in this democracy and how a country can become Little Fires everywhere because of national anger and non appropriate responses.  
New series, new movies and new documentaries are coming out in June. Meanwhile movie theaters are closed, there is a great deal of possibilities. David Lynch released a short movie on Youtube (link in the article below), I watched a great documentary of Timothy Chalamet. And Claude Lelouch is to release a new movie on Canal+ (more in the article). Don't forget new series on your platforms and the festivals which will open in June (Champs Elysées Film Festival, Annecy 's International Film Animation festival) and the global movie on line festival, We are One, a global film festival now on line.
Spike Lee is the President of the Cannes Film Festival this year and we hope, next year. He is the great director of new kind of movies, with above all great music, a pop, funny and rough style. The Philharmonie dedicated one evening to his whole scores I attended, featured Terence Blanchard, thanks to Louise. I have chosen my five favorite Spike Lee's movies.
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