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séries et films

Your weekly series and movies

Series and movies of your week. This week, I chose to speak to you about connection. Sometimes the ties  we create take control of ourselves…

Movies, series and identity

Movies, series and identity. This week, the main subject is identity. Who are we ? What are we made of ? On the bilingual Movieintheair

Tenet et vos films de la rentrée

Tenet and what to stream

Tenet and what to stream in September… Today Tenet is coming out, and is expected to improve the outlook of movie theaters. But other movies are coming

Tenet de Christopher Nolan

Tenet by Christopher Nolan

Tenet. His name sounds like a whiplash. And an injunction: go back to the movies. This title has caused so much virtual ink to flow

Movie news and science fiction

Movie news and science fiction

Movie news and science fiction: This week, a focus on science fiction, with two movies and one series: Close Encounters of a Third Kind, Beyond the

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