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What If ?

Bridget Jones has changed. Unrecognizable in the series What If, Renée Zellweger plays a very different part. In What if, inspired by Indecent proposal » directed

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

We finally meet again with Brad Pitt. He plays Cliff Booth – a stuntman, standing-man,and handing man of Rick Dalton, B-Western actor, alcoholic, in the middle of an existential crisis, and played by Leonardo Di Caprio.
Brad Pitt feeds….

Deux moi

I love movies. And this is pure joy when spectators laugh at the same time to the same lines.Here’s why I saw Deux Moi.

A rainy day in New York

À quatre-vingt quatre ans, Woody Allen a réussi l’un des meilleurs films de sa carrière.
Ce film est une version moderne de  Manhattan  (1979 trailer). Pour Woody Allen, New York est romantique par tous les temps et ce film est un hommage à la ville …

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