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Series of 2021

Soul and your new movies and series of 2021

This week, Soul, movies and series in 2021, to watch safely at home to spend good moments in this last week of 2020.

I wish you a happy new year. Let’s meet next year!

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Soul, movies and series of 2021

vos films et séries 2021




The first short movie “Le Petit Soulier” directed by Nakache & Tolédano and an interview on CNC website.


  • Find out all about OVNI CANAL+’s next series, available on January 15 on the channel.
  • Julia Roberts will play and produce in two series for the APPLETV platform, including one with Reese Witherspoon (Little Fires everywhere). The series will be called The Last Thing He told me, adapted from the novel by Simon and Schuster.
  • Thierry Blondeau, a film collector, created Les éditions DVD Coin de Mire: the goal is to restore old French films. Fascinating
  • A return on the ten most hated characters of the fans of series: we find, among others, Joffrey Baratheon of Game of Thrones
  • An interview with Claire Diao, founder of AWOTELE, a magazine on African cinema.
    Awotele: Read more: breaking away from preconceived ideas about African cinema | Syndicat de la Critique de Cinéma
  • The American Studios will be able to produce European projects.



  • An online festival of African films, which began on December 27 and lasts until January 2. The Festival website HERE
  • Take date: January 19th will be broadcasted in clear on Canal+. All about this ceremony equivalent to the Golden Globes in France,, here.
  • French Jewish Film Festival from January 19th to February 1st: a film online every day.






Rebecca Luker




Soul,  movies and series to watch in 2021


Pete Docter 

series of 2021



Like Coco, Pixar’s Oscar-winning 2018 cartoon, Soul takes us to the world of the dead and a special musical universe. 

And just like Miguel in Coco, Joe, the main character played by Jamie Foxx, loves only one thing, music. His passion is jazz.  Teaching bores him. On the verge of playing with the great artist Dorothea Williams, he falls into the world of the dead. As in Ghost, Joe refuses to die but he can’t get out of it unless he helps the soul 22 find its inspiration on earth…

What inspires us ?

The music and songs composed by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Jon Batiste take us into the world of jazz professionals and remind us of jazz& passion movies such as New York New York or  La La Land. 

The screenwriters, Pete Doctor, Mike Jones and Kemp Powers take us from the cold universe of the beyond to the earthly world, where our senses are constantly solicited, the senses that give us the desire to live fully.

This cartoon full of poetry and emotion (just like Coco was) and selected this year at The Cannes Film Festival, comes at the right time, warms up our daily life, and makes us forget for a moment that life has been on pause for far too long now.  


With Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey ‘s voices. To be seen on DISNEY PLUS.



 Home for Christmas

Per Olav Sorensen

series of 2021


Season 2 of Home for Christmas on Netflix takes us once again into the funny and slightly zany universe of its heroine, Johanne, played by Ida Elise Broch.

The series, created by Per-Olav Sorensen, takes place in Norway, and Johanne, in her thirties, “eternally” single, no longer wants to come alone to Christmas dinners, a time when family and social pressure is at its peak. 

From one season to the next, the young heroine searches for herself, between old relationships, friends and family. Shot in Norway in a world worthy of Santa Claus himself – at night Johanne travels around the city by sleigh – this romantic comedy with very endearing secondary characters does us good and tells us a story where small joys sometimes count more than big ones.




 Chris Van Dusen 



Created by producer Shonda Rhimes and show runner Chris Van Dusen, inspired by the novels of Julia Quinn (the first nine books), the series tells the story of Daphne Bridgerton played by Pheobe Dynevor (seen in the series Snatch), the oldest Bridgerton, one of the wealthiest families in London.

The story takes place during the Regency period (1811-1820) and just like in Little Women, women are raised for one purpose, marriage. The beginning of the season arrives, the women are presented, like beautiful cattle, to the men.

Daphne’s widowed mother raises her children alone, assisted by the eldest son, Anthony, an eternal runner who has also struggled to adapt to the rigid society in which he lives.

A gossip magazine regularly circulates about the latest antics of the most prominent people in English society, two of whom are the target, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset played by René-Jean Page (seen in the series Roots).

The characters evolve from one episode to another in sumptuous sets and costumes and of course love will be there but not necessarily as expected …

A season 2 would be envisaged.

To see at the moment on Netflix. With the voice of Julia Andrews.




Sakho & Mangane  

Jean-Luc Herbulot


Original Canal Plus series, bought by Netflix, two platforms focused on the development of African series, Sakho & Mangane takes us into the daily life of two investigators, Souleymane Sakho and Basile Mangane, in the heart of a Dakar police station run with an iron fist by a woman recently appointed, Mamma Ba played by Christiane Dumont. 

Sakho, the older, incorruptible, solitary policeman with a heavy past and irreproachable methods must work with Mangane, younger, impulsive, involved in shady trafficking and victim of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Like the continent itself, the three directors, Jean-Luc Herbulot, Hubert Ndao and Toumani Sangaré tell a story where tradition mingles with modernity.

They make us discover another world, that of a continent rich in audiovisual productions but almost invisible in European and international cinema, that of an African city, Dakar, in its entirety, with its customs, its mysticism, its landscapes and its cultures.

The series is both funny and disturbing. Sakho & Mangane evolve between the irrational and the rational. 

The main quality of this series lies in its veracity and fidelity to the world he tells, without clichés, strong, radical with two remarkable actors Issaka Sawadogo and Yann Gaël. 

Just like the crime series (from Magnum to Starsky and Hutch or Lethal Weapon), the two heroes are helped by atypical secondary characters, whether Toubab, the forensic doctor played by Christophe Guybet, or the journalist Antoinette played by Fatou Elise Ba.

A must-see series on Canal+ and Netflix.






Your Movies and series of 2021 

Movies about the past



Few trailers : 

  • A new trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 by Patty Jenkins


  • The Little Things, by John Lee Hancock, with Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto.



  • The Human Voice, a short movie by Pedro Almodovar, with  Tilda Swinton, adapted from the eponymous play by  Jean Cocteau.


  • Tiger, Tiger Wood ‘s life broadcast on  HBO on January 10th and 21st


  • Rams, with Sam Neil


  • A Glitch in the Matrix





Series of 2021


Aaron Sorkin’s Top 13 Writing Tips by Bobby Powers 

Update: 2020–2021 Award Season Screenplay Downloads — 3 New Scripts, 16 Total by Scott Myers

The 12 Best Writing Tips From Your Favorite Authors by N.A. Turner

Twenty-five of the Best Films on Amazon Prime | The New Yorker

The Best Movies of 2020 | The New Yorker

Les studios américains vont pouvoir produire des œuvres européennes. Par Julien Grosslerner, Avocat.

Awotele : se dégager des idées reçues sur les cinémas africains | Syndicat de la Critique de Cinéma


Jarred Harris ‘s interview, actor of series such as  Mad Men, Chernobyl, The Crown.




Series of 2021




Wednesday 30

France 3: Heidi

TCM: Willie Boy

Arte : Le Secret de la pyramide


Thursday 31

Arte : Marie Thérèse d’Autriche


Friday 1st

Canal+:  La Belle Époque

M6 : Peter et Elliot

TF1 Séries : Deux heures moins quart avant J-C

Arte : Hotel Fantôme : Karl Markovics


Saturday 2

TCM: La machine à explorer le temps

Paramount : Le refroidisseur de dames

France 3: La malédiction de Provins

Gulli : Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes


Sunday 3

France 2 : Robin des Bois suivi de Barry Seal

6Ter : The Artist

Arte: Orgueil et préjugés


Monday 4

W9 : Iron Man

France 5 : 37°2 Le matin

Arte : Tendre poulet 

TCM: My beautiful Laundrette

Paramount : Jeux de Guerre


Tuesday 5

C+ : Au nom de la Terre

Arte : Les coulisses de l’histoire

France 2: La Disgrâce

TCM: Jarhead, la fin de l’innocence


Wednesday 6

France 3 : Charlie Chaplin  special evening

Arte: La piscine

France 5 : De Gaulle

TCM: Corridors of Blood








Ella à Montreux

Vivien Leigh





Mélodie Gardot

Tom Cruise


David Bowie

Jazz : une arme secrète

Les aurores boréales


Livraison de chansons à domicile

La femme est l’avenir de l’homme



Top Secret


Les Nuits de Cabiria, de Fellini

Atanarjuat, la légende de l’homme rapide.




En thérapie, adapted from Be Tipul  as from February 4th, 2021



La Chaîne Parlementaire

LCP offers you a lot of good documentaries: here


La Cinémathèque Française


All retrospectives are postponed.

On Henri plateform, a cult movie everyday

To watch a magical light show here

Movies and series of 2021 to watch on



Of course, the closure of movie theaters is benefiting platforms, the most powerful of which is still Netflix. Numerous series and films are expected to be released in 2021, bringing together all of the greatest talents in cinema.

Ryan Murphy (Ratched, Hollywood…) is developing a series called Halston about Roy Halston Frowick and played by Ewan McGregor. 

Anne Delvey, a series produced by Shonda Rhimes will telle the story about a con artist in New York in the years 2010.

The creator of Casa de Papel will tell the story of three prostitutes on the run with Sky Rojo.

With Don’t look up! Adam McKay will tell the story of two astronomers. A hallucinating casting : Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, Matthew Perry, Tomer Sisley.

A horror film, A Woman at the  Window, by Joe Wright, with Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Mattew Perry, Ariana Grande…

Jane Campion (The Piano but also Top of the Lake broadcasted a few years ago on Arte) will realize an adaptation of Thomas Savage‘s book, The Power of the Dog, a western with Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst...

Meanwhile, you may watch now:

Death to 2020, a satire  by the creators of  Black Mirror: with Hugh Grant, Samuel Jackson



LUPIN, as from January 8th.



Four movies directed by Claude Sautet, as from January 1st, 2021

Les choses de la vie, César et Rosalie, Nelly et M. Arnaud, Max et Les Ferrailleurs


Churchill, as from January 15th, 2021


Pieces of a woman, Kornel Mundruczo, as from January 7, 2021


Outside the Wire, Michael Hafstrom, as from January 15th, 2021


As from January 8: FRAN LEBOWITZ : Pretend it’s the City

Fran Lebowitz speaks about the change of New York city.

Directed by Martin Scorsese.


Swear Words, with Nicolas Cage, as from January 5th



The White Tiger, as from January 22th, 




Movies and series of 2021 to watch on

Prime Video




Sylvie’s love



Coming to America 2, with Eddy Murphy,on March 5th,  2021




Palm Springs by Max Barbakow, in January 2021




Movies and series of 2021 to watch on





Moonbase 8.


La Belle époque, on January 1st,  2021.


A rainy day in New York , as from January 5th, 2021



The Good Lord Bird, John Brown ‘story, with Ethan Hawke, by  Albert Hughes, as from January 7th 2021  (série)




Movies and series of 2021 to watch




Brave New World , as from December 20th, an adaptation from the novel 1984 written by Aldous Huxley, created by David Wiener (Homecoming) 

Two first episodes directed by Owen Harris. With Alden Ehrenreich, Jessica Brown Findlay



Movies and series of 2021 to watch on

Apple TV



Servant, by Night Shyamalan


Billie Ellish


Palmer, by  Fisher Stevens,  29 January 2021,  Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple, Alisha Wainwirght

The Morning Show,  Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston



Movies and series of 2021 on





On Pointe


In January 2021


Hidden Figures, on January 8th


Coco, on January 15th



Stay safe !


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