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autumn movies

Your autumn movies

Your autumn movies to watch during the Toussaint holidays.

This week, I chose to speak to you about freedom, freedom to choose who we want to be, freedom of speech and thoughts and fighting for these rights.

Two movies moved me, Drunk by Thomas Vinterberg and The Trial of the Chicago 7 by Aaron Sorkin.

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Sad events happened this week. And because of the curfew, movie theaters have changed their schedule.

Many films are coming out in theaters, new series on your platforms.

Here are the new movies in theaters, the movies to see in theaters, the new series.  The best of your television programs and all the news of the festivals.




Marcel Trillat movie director


Wojciech Pszoniak, a man of theater and movies from Poland and France








 by Thomas Vinterberg



The Pitch

Four friends decide to put into practice the theory of a psychologist that man should always have 0.5 g of alcohol in his blood.
The main character, Martin, played by the huge actor Mads Mikkelsen, is a teacher and is going through a serious crisis in his relationship and in his professional life. He feels lonely and is criticized at school by students and their parents. Little by little, alcohol is going to give him back his confidence, until it becomes indispensable to his daily life…


The film

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, Drunk is a magnificent film.

Few good films have been made about alcoholism. The director stated that he had watched Marco Ferreri’s movie, La Grande Bouffe many times during the writing process. Besides, the subject is a bit the same. Four friends decide to end it, but through food…

In Drunk, it is about four teachers, who are bored, have no recognition in their professional life and want to rediscover the happiness and joy of their youth. Alcohol gives them back the confidence they had lost, is a source of inspiration and makes them happy.

Martin asks his students what they drink and the amount they drink each week is impressive.  He cites the great alcoholic men in history, such as Hemingway or Churchill, as examples. Churchill used to say “I never drink before breakfast”.


A tribute to life and freedom


The way he films each character and the way he drinks says more than all the words.

Thomas Vinterberg shows the danger of the alcohol through its beauty of alcohol – a beauty that does not exist in other drugs – the glasses, the ice cubes, and the color of the alcohol poured into glasses specially designed for alcohol.

But he also shows the ravages of alcohol in a very short period of time. The drinker goes from euphoria to depression.

Drunk also talks about education, friendships and the meaning of life. Mads Mikkelsen‘s dance celebrates the love of life in a moment of pure magic.

In many of his roles, the actor has used his past as a dancer to act. A gymnast and then a dancer, he became an actor at the age of twenty-eight and can act in seven languages. He has a face and a presence that we do not forget.


Dancing videos

In this dance scene when he was very young.



In Royal Affair, by Nicolaj Arcel




Drunk was presented at the Festival Lumières of Lyon. Thomas Vinterberg confessed that his daughter had died during the filming, in a car accident, following a traditional Danish student party with too much alcohol. 



Mads Mikkelsen ‘s main part.


Thomas Vinterberg interview on Euronews



Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang, Maria Bonnevie, Susse Wold, Helene Reingaard Neumann



The Trial of Chicago 7

by Aaron Sorkin


In 1968, the Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago to nominate its candidate for the U.S. presidential election. Demonstrations are organized to protest against the Viet Nam war and Lyndon B’s Johnson’s policies.

One evening, police repression was particularly bloody and in 1969, seven men, nicknamed the “Chicago Seven” were tried and prosecuted by the U.S. government for conspiracy. These men were Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines and Lee Weiner. The eighth, Bobby Seale, co-founder of The Black Panthers, was also on trial, without a lawyer…



The movie

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter of A Few good men, The Social Network, Molly’s Game directed a hard-hitting film about a time when the future of individual freedoms in the United States is at stake.

Played by Sacha Baron Cohen, whom I mentioned a little while ago here, Eddie Redmayne (the moving actor in the film A Wonderful History of Time, as Stephen Hawkins), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Don Jon, Snowden), and Jeremy Strong (from the series Succession), as well as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Watchmen), the story of these eight men is obviously historically and emotionally very strong.


A historical film


Aaron Sorkin mixes into the trial’s proceedings very harsh archive footage of police violence filmed during these few days of peaceful demonstrations. One can’t help but feel their resonance with what is happening around the world today.

It also shows us these seven men, all different, judged for their thoughts, concerned about the fate of young soldiers sent to Vietnam in a useless war. In their roles, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jeremy Strong and Franck Langella, the leaders of the group, excel.

Among the seven men judged, two young men feel like extras. One of them says “these are the Academy Award of the protest, I am proud just to be nominated.

The dialogues are devilishly well written and the historical re-enactments (sets, clothes, cars…), a delight for the eyes.


A must-see movie, just fifteen days before the American presidential elections.


To watch on Netflix now


With Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frank Langella, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance, Jeremy Strong, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael Keaton, John Carroll Lynch & Alex Sharp.









Still on screen


Calamity, by Rémi Chayé.

According to his director, the movie is about women empowerment. CNC interview here





Miss, by Ruben Alves



Adieu les cons, by Albert Dupontel



La baleine et l’escargote, by  Max Lang et Daniel Snaddo




Petit Vampire, by Joann Sfar



City Hall, by Frederick Wiseman



Michel Ange, by Andrey Konchalovsky.



Poly, by Nicolas Vanier



Une vie secrète, by Jon Garano




October 28th


ADN, de Maïwenn



In November


La nuée, by Just Philippot (November 4th)



The Singing Club, by Peter Cattaneo (November 4th)




Balloon, de Pema Tseden, as from November 11th.




Aline, by Valérie Lemercier, biopic on Céline Dion, as from November 11th.


Gagarine, by Lyna Khoudri, as from November 18th.

Mandibules, by Quentin Dupieux, as from November 18th


To come


The film that make sensation at the Sundance Festival, produced by Spike Jonze


Nine Days, by Edson Oda with Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz





Minari, by Lee Isaac Chung, produced by Brad Pitt, expected to come out in Spring 2021

Winner of the Grand Prix and Public Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Minari is about the American dream of a Korean family and is played by Steven Yeun (Jacob), who also played in The Walking Dead .



5ème set, by Quentin Reynaudwith Alex Lutz, Ana Girardot, Kristin Scott Thomas


Come Away, by Brenda Chapman, with Angelina Jolie


Minamata, by Andrew Levitas



News of the world, by Paul Greengrass

Wet Season, Anthony Chen







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Wednesday 20

Arte : Moonrise Kingdom de Wes Anderson 
Star : True lies
6Ter: Catch me if you can
Paramount : Drop Zone


Thursday 21

TF1 : Infidèle
Arte : Moloch

W9 : La Reine des Neiges
TCM: Le Maître de Guerre avec Clint Eastwood


Friday 22

Arte: Le Flic et l’Indic

TF1 Series : Gremlins
Paris Première : Le Grand Chemin


Sunday 24

TCM : Babel

Arte : The Queen, de Steven Frears

TF1 : Star Wars Episode VIII

Monday 25

Arte : L’Homme qui aimait les femmes

France 5 : Les aventuriers


Tuesday 26

TCM : Gran Torino

Arte : Trump contre Biden

TFX : La Boum


Wednesday 27

TFX : Very Bad trip 3
6Ter : Ballerina
France 4 : Azur et Asmar







1984, George Orwell

La liberté d’expression en danger

Jimmy Carter, by Mary Wharton

The New York Times & Donald Trump




Géométrie de la mort, by Dariusz Jablonski

Des séries en séries : toutes les nouvelles séries d’Arte

The Virtues, Awarded at the Festival Séries Mania

Hatufim, the Israeli series which inspired Homeland, directed by Gideon Raff




Le Temps des Égarés, by Virginie Sauveur, with Claudia Tagbo

À ma fille, by  Laura Bispuri



La Chaîne Parlementaire


LCP offers you a lot of good documentaries: here


La Cinémathèque Française


Louis de Funès exhibition

On Henri plateform, a cult movie everyday



Movies and series to watch 




Many movies with Jean-Paul Belmondo will be on line as from November 1st, and I love very much one of them directed by Claude Lelouch:


Un homme qui me plaît 





Alguien tiene que morir, de Manolo Caro


Victoria & Abdul, by Stephen Frears


Rebecca, by Ben Wheatley, as from October 21st




As from Friday, a series about dance:


Move, by Thierry Demaizière & Alban Teurlai


The Queen’s Gambit,  by Scott Frank & Allan Scott, as from October 23rd


Brave Blue World, by Tim Neeves, as from October 21st



Secrets of The Saqqara Tomb, by James Towell, as from October 28th




The Crown, saison 4, dès le 15 novembre, by Peter Morgan



Mank, de David Fincher, as from December 4th




Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom , as from December 18th,  last movie played by Chadwick Boseman, produced by Denzel Washington




Films, series & documentaries

on  Prime Video



Borat 2 de Sacha Baron Cohen, dès le 23 octobre


Une femme d’exception , RGB,  by Mimi Leder




The Last Narc, by Tiller Russell




Series : The Newsroom, by Aaron Sorkin,  the screener and director of The Trials of the Chicago 7  now on Netflix.




The French, by  William Klein






Movies & series 

by Canal+



As from November 2nd, Possessions, French & Israeli production, created by  Shachar Magen & directed by Thomas Vincent.




Sorry we missed you, by Ken Loach,




Nevada, by Laure Marsa Frédérique de Clermont-Tonnerre



Nuestra Madres, by César Díaz



Le Mans 66, by James Mangold



Le Grand Bain, by Gilles Lelouch, as from October 21st



Bombshell, by Jay Roach 



Knives out, by Rian Johnson, as from November 6th




Les oiseaux de passage, by Ciro Guerra & Cristina Gallego





Hidden, série by Gareth Bryn


The Undoing, created by David E. Kelley, directed by Susanne Bien,  with Hugh Grant e& Nicole Kidman, as from October 26th.

Movies and series to watch 

on Apple TV




Tehran, by FAUDA ‘s screenwriter, Moshe Zonder. I am looking forward to watching it !


Wolfwalkers, by Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart



Movies and series to watch 

on Disney+


The Right Stuff, as from November 6th




The Mandalorian,season 2, as from October 30th




For Christmas

Soul, by Pete Docter et Kemp Powers with Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey ‘s voices
















Go and watch  movies !


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