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My five favorite Spike Lee ‘s movies

Spike Lee is the President of the Cannes Film Festival this year and we hope, next year. He is the great director of new kind of movies, with above all great music, a pop, funny and rough style. The Philharmonie dedicated one evening to his whole scores I attended, featured Terence Blanchard, thanks to Louise. I have chosen my five favorite Spike Lee’s movies.

Jazz power

Since his first short movie, Last Hustle in Brooklyn (he was twenty years old), in 1977 and when he became famous with Do the right thingSpike Lee has directed movies, documentaries (on the consequences of Katrina hurricane, When the leaves broke,  with Terence Blanchard and on Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson ‘s journey from Motown to Off the Wall) and clips for Michael Jackson (They don’t care about us, a documentary of the 20th anniversary of Bad) and Prince (Money don’t matter 2 Night).

He surrounds himself with great actors and great musicians. It was not easy to choose my five favorite movies.

My five favorite Spike Lee’s movies


  1. Mo’ Better Blues

    With this movie begins my love for Spike Lee, and the music of the great Terence Blanchard.
    It also the beginning of their work together, Terence Blanchard did all the scores of Spike Lee movies.
    The movie is terrific and the story is all about jazz and relationships between men and women.
    The music was composed by Terence Blanchard and w the Brandford Marsalis orchestra. It is one of my favorite album ever.
    I discovered Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes, two actors whom with Spike Lee has done such great film.
    Also played Spike Lee himself, John Turturro, Samuel L. Jackson, Joie Lee (his sister) and Cynda Williams. 

    I have the album in my living room signed by M. Terence Blanchard himself !

    Mo Better Blues signed by Terence Blanchard
  2. Jungle Fever

    Pitch : the love story of a Afro-American and an Italo-American. The actors are Wesley Snipes and Anabella Sciorra , John Turturro, Samuel L Jackson and  the famous and great actor, Anthony Quinn.

    The score is unbelievable, by Terence Blanchard and Stevie Wonder, produced by the Motown.
    This movie is a great memory to me and reminds me of souvenir with a good friend, Emmanuelle, who lives now in Canada.


  3. Inside Man

    Both a great music and a great story. The screenwriter was Russel Gewirtz. Pitch : the story of burglars who attack a bank but there is another story behind this robbery. A very good movie with the great actors : Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Clive Owen, Willem Dafoe and Chiwetel Ejofor.
    The score is also beautiful, composed by Terence Blanchard.

  4. You may watch it now on TCM channel.

  5. Michael Jackson’s journey from Motown to Off the Wall.

    One of the best documentaries I have seen on Michael Jackson (because I have seen many!). We all supposed to know everything about Michael Jackson but this one is special. Just watch and listen, he was extraordinary.

  6. BlackKklansman

    The great movie I saw at the Cannes Film Festival almost two years ago, and for which it was worth waiting so long. You may read my review here.


    Soon on Netflix, will come Da 5 Bloods (June 12th). 

    He recently filmed New York, the city he loves so much, here (song by Franck Sinatra, damned it is so good!)


Have a nice week-end !

Spike Lee


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