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Dix films et séries israéliennes

Ten Israeli movies and series to watch now

Currently on Canal Plus, a remarkable documentary by Olivier Joyard on production and success of Israeli series. Given the complexity of Israeli society and the low budget, the creations and themes targeted in the series are rich and regularly adapted worldwide. Here are the ten Israeli movies and series to watch now.

Series adapted all over the world

Ten Israeli movies and series to watch now



Several series are currently broadcast on Canal + : Our boys, Nehama,(compete this year at the CANNESERIES),  Asylum City, False Flag et Miguel.

  • Our boys
     A controversy series
  • Nehama.
    A widower with five children wants to do stand up comedy.
  • False Flag.
    The rights of African asylum seekers in the South of Tel Aviv.
  • Miguel
    Relationships between a young homosexual father and his adopted son from Guatemala.



Apart from Canal Plus, Netflix is not to be outdone but we would like to see more. There are some very good series and films:

  • Fauda: the shock series that shows both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…
  • When Heroes fly : a series that takes place between Colombia and Israel. A group of friends, former soldiers, are trying to find the girlfriend of one of them, supposedly dead ten years earlier.
  • Maktuba very good, funny and touching film. Two Israeli mafia guys survive an attack and decide to grant the wishes of the men and women hidden in the Wailing Wall (hilarious at times).
  • L’ange du Mossad : a very good historical film about a high-ranking Egyptian in power, Ashraf Marwan. This man  spied for the Israelis for years to maintain peace between the two countries.
  • Operations Brothers A true story and a very good film: Israeli spies infiltrating Djibouti who open a fake hotel to
    allow the evacuation of Ethiopian refugees.


Good evenings  !!


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