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Dolor y Gloria – Pedro Almodóvar

Dolor y Gloria is the last movie of Pedro Almodovar. We wait for his movies as we do with Woody Allen’. The audience already adores him.

Is Dolor y Gloria a biopic ?

The pitch

Salvador Mallo, success director, played by Antonio Banderas is having a depression. Afflicted with violent physical pain (migraine, back pain and tinnitus). To attend a tribute event to is work, Salvador has to renew contact with an actor he hasn’t spoken with for thirty-five years.

Antonio Banderas, Salvador, who soon will soon turn sixty, embodies the director physically. He is Pedro Almodóvar.

Although intentionally aged looked and physically diminished, the actor remains desperately handsome. He fully deserves the Palme for Best Actor for this role, played with restraint (« The good actor is the one who holds back his tears”) and rightfully all along the movie.

Inspired by his life, Pedro Almódovar did a beautiful movie with his dearest theme, childhood, lost loves, creation and relationship with his mother are tackled in an increasingly sober style.

If we should keep a word for this movie, it would be « Tribute »

Tribute to 

  • His mother, who inspired him for his movies,
  • The painting – each shot is one piece of art- and his apartment is rendered quasi identically  to his own in Madrid,
  • The music, with the music and beautiful voice of Chavela Vargas.
    Pedro Almodóvar invited her to sing in Madrid.
    There is a very good documentary directed by Catherine Gund et Daresha Kyi « Chavela Vargas » released in 2017 about the life of this modern woman,  opened about her homosexuality and lived as a free woman till the end of her life. He paid tribute to her in « La flor de mi secreto ». 

Alberto Iglesias, who worked with Pedro Almodóvar for a long time, composed an intimate music with piano and clarinet.

An artist who lays himself bares is always moving. No doubt that his movie, its more personal and the most beautiful he directed, would deserve the Palme d’Or.

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