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Little fires everywhere

Little Fires everywhere. This title coud not be more accurate now.

Despite the good news this week with the reopening of movie theaters as from June 22nd, the selection of the Cannes Film Festival as from Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 at 6 P.M. and movies to be restored, (read at the end of the article), a short movie by Martin Scorsese,  the recent events in the USA made us sad and reveal how racism is still deep rooted in this democracy and how a country can become Little Fires everywhere because of national anger and non appropriate responses.



Blacklives matter

Spike Lee did a movie related to the recent death of Georges Floyd in Minneapolis, broadcast on Twitter. 

You should also watch Blackkklansman by Spike Lee.

I saw a movie in March also about racism in the US,  Queen and Slim 


Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime Video)

What is a good mother ? Do we always have to tell the truth ? Are we determined by our the color of our skin ? At a time when news are sad and terrifying, this series adapted from Celeste Ng‘s novel and developed on screen by Liz Tigelaar  tackles racism, motherhood and family secrets.

The pitch : Mia Warren travels with her daughter Pearl. She is a photographer and a brillant artist but has no money and lives with her daughter in a car. At her arrival at Shaker Heights, she decides to settle to please her daughter’s wish and soon works for a white and rich woman, Elena Richardson, mother of four children. Elena always smiles, she wants everything to be perfect, her husband, her children and schedules everything, even her sexual relationship. On the contrary, Mia schedules nothing, lives and moves when she wants but she is silent and suffers all the time.

Soon, the secrets and regrets of the two mothers will blow up and arise hatred between them, these Little fires everywhere that will cause a definitive loss.

We can feel through the verbal and non verbal communication all the history of The United States of America, a kind of hypocrisy of some people who say they want to help Afro-American when they do not. They just want to feel powerful.
Played by Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, not only this series tackles current issues but raises question of what do we truly want, with whom do we really want to be.


Four reasons to watch (or watch again)

 The way we were


Sidney Pollack is the director.  He did some of my favorite movies : Tootsie, Out of Africa, Three days of the Condor, Jeremiah Johnson, The Electric Horseman,  Amazing Grace documentary.

– The song, The way we were, by Barbra Streisand which is absolutely beautiful.

–  Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, who play one of the most beautiful romance couple ever.

The end is one of the most moving in the history of cinema.





The best science fiction films you ‘ve never heard of

Everyone is the parasite in the movie parasite

The debasement of imprisonment in Robert Bresson’s L’Argent 

How Studio Ghibli Went From Streaming Holdout to HBO Max Star

Francis Ford Coppola Masterclass Forum des Images

This is how 99% of screenwriters write a story – Jill Chamberlain

The seven best soundtracks to underwhelming films ( ranked by Rotten Tomatoes)

Confession as narrative device



Wednesday 3rd

Arte:  L’enfer by Claude Chabrol : François Cluzet and Emmanuelle Béart
TCM : Sept hommes à abattre


Thursday 4th

Arte : Secret Médical: a nurse who pretends to be an emergency doctor
TF1 : Les bronzés font du ski
TCM : Full Metal Jacket


Friday 5th

Canal + : Gemini Man
Arte : 22h55 : Tarantino in 8 movies
TCM: There will be blood

Saturday 6th

TCM: Contact
Paramount : Le dernier empereur
Canal +: Sauver ou périr

Sunday 7th

TCM: Le fugitif
Arte : Les huit salopards  Quentin Tarantino with Samuel Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russel and Tim Roth.


Monday 8th

Arte : Les épices de la passion: a movie on repression of women in Mexico, through a story about cooking, adapted from the novel by Laura Esquivel
M6 : Forrest Gump
W9 : De l’autre côté du périph’

Tuesday 9th

TCM : Gran Torino
TF1 : Le Seigneur des Anneaux, la communauté de l’anneau
M6 : Sister Act

Wednesday 10th

TCM: Pale rider
Arte : Rien ne va plus: by Claude Chabrol, with Michel Serrault and Isabelle Huppert
Cine + : Heureux comme Lazzaro

Jane Goodall



A portrait of the great director William Friedkin, Friedkin Uncut who directed amongst others The French Connection (five Oscars), l’Exorciste.

Jane Goodall ‘s interview in 28 minutes.    Jane, the review of the documentary on Netflix.

A documentary of Christo artist, the man who walked on waters

A series : Bankerot : a Danish series on three men who want to open a restaurant.


La Cinémathèque Française

On the platform Henri, tribute to Jean Epstein and Rock Hudson. The Cinémathèque Française will reopen on July 15th.


Movies & series to watch

now and in June on Netflix


To watch now a great movie  : Arrival, by Denis Villeneuve with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.  According to me, the best script of 2016, by Eric Heisserer, adapted from the novel L’histoire de ta vie by Ted Chiang.

The 13th, a documentary on the numbers of Afro Americans in prison (20%)  related to their représentation in the population (5%).



The season 3 of  series Fauda on line Thursday,June 4th


Da 5 Bloods, on line June 12th, sadly accurate in our times now, when Black people are shot down by the police without real trias.

As from June 19th, The Politician, a series on a young man who wants to become The President of the United States. Funny and sarcastic, directed by Ryan Murphy, the series is played by Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow,



Movies & series to watch now and

in June on Disney+

A documentary : At the heart of Okavango.

Wall E


Coco: Behind the scenes


Movies, series to watch now and in June on Canal+


A special section  Blacklivesmatter with amongst others:

The hate you give


Jungle Fever


A romance movie : Deux moi

Science fiction movie : Ad Astra


Movies & series to watch now and in June

on Amazon Prime Video



The best of enemies, inspired by a true story, adapted from the novel by Osha Gray Davidson with Ann Atwater.


Ponmagal Vandhal, a lawyer who investigates an old case, the murder of several children.


A hologram for a king, directed by Tom Tykwer with Tom Hanks 




Fassbinder : a biopic on the director 

Netflix bought The Egyptian theater on Hollywood Boulevard. 


Martin Scorsese did a short film on the lockdown, broadcast on the BBC:

VoD released 

Detroit by Kathryn Bigelow

Les éblouis.


1917 on Canal+ 

Star Wars, the rise of Skywalker



The Champs Élysées Film Festival program

We are One program festival

 Annecy ‘s International Film Animation Festival (June 15th till June 30th)

and We are One, a global film festival now on line:


The Lumière Festival 2020 will take place from Saturday 10 to Sunday 18 October 2020 in the halls of Lyon and its suburbs. It will celebrate the centenary of Michel Audiard, and the work of American director Clarence Brown.

Sunny Side of the Doc will go on line from June 22 to June 25.

Three archival films from the 1890s – 1911 are now available in 4K and color, thanks to artificial intelligence


Have nice evenings and take care !



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