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films et séries d'octobre

Movies and series, what to watch ?

Series and movies of your week. This week, I chose to speak to you about thriller and poetry in movies.

On the bilingual Movieintheair blog, I do for you a press review every Wednesday and keep the best of national and international audiovisual news.



Movies and series


Many events have happened this week:

  • Now and till December 2020, all movie theaters from Dulac Distribution are part of the operation « Les mercredis à 5 euros, pour Tous ». In these movie theaters: L’Arlequin, L’Escurial, Le Reflet Médicis, Le Majestic Bastille et Le Majestic Passy.
  • Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in upcoming movie directed by Patty Jenkins
  • Trailer of the movie directed by David Fincher : Mank, broadcast on Netflix, as from December 4th
  • To watch on TF1 and Netflix, an animation series Miraculous

Many films are coming out in theaters, new series on your platforms.

Here are the new movies in theaters, the movies to see in theaters, the new series.  The best of your television programs and all the news of the festivals.




Wladimir Yordanoff, supporting actor in many movies, such as Un Air de Famille by Agnès Jaoui & J.P. Bacri

Michel Audiard, at Lumières Festival in Lyon








Movies and series

The Head, by David Pastor & Àlex Pastor



Summer in Antarctica. Scientists are dancing on the ice pack. It is the end of their stay on the Polaris VI station. They are happy to have completed their mission. Only a small team, the “Winterers”, remains to spend the next six months of winter. Their goal, to finalize the discovery of the famous scientist, a bacterium supposed to fight against global warming.
But following the burial of a seal, the atmosphere on the base degenerates…
Six months later, with no contact from the base for three weeks, the commander-in-chief of the expedition returns to the base with a rescue team.


The series (six episodes)

Played by internationally famous actors for a better visibility of the series, with Alvaro Monte, the famous teacher of La Casa de Papel, and Tomohisa Yamashita, a famous singer in Japan, the series is like a novel written by Agatha Christie.

Johan Berg, played by Alexandre Willaume, seeks to find his wife at all costs and seeks the truth from one of the survivors, Maggie Mitchell, the ship’s doctor, played by Katharine O’Donnelly.

Arthur Wilde, played by John Lynch, is the scientist of the Antarctic expedition. For him, only his research count…

This Spanish series shot in English and Danish language is worthy of a detective novel, the flash-backs and the alternate testimonies of the survivors’ stories, hardly leave us time to breathe. I confess to having watched this series in one go. It begins like The Thing, but is reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were Were None.


Now to be seen on Canal+

With Alexandre Willaume, Katharine O’Donnelly, John Lynch, Laura Bach, Álvaro Morte





Movies and series

도망친 여자, Domangchin yeoja

The Woman who Ran,

directed by Hong Sang-Soo


The Pitch

While her husband is away on a business trip, a woman visits friends she has not seen in a long time.


The Movie

Like Éric Rohmer in his time, Hong Sang-Soo did a sketch film, simple but with beautiful dialogues on the meaning of life and the small events that mark our daily life. His film is full of melancholy and nostalgia. In this film, the director puts women at the heart of his story.

We follow Gam-Hee, played by Kim Min Hee, in a kind of wandering. With other women, she talks about love, marriage, talking or drinking too much, food, money.

Hong Sang-Soo is known to work without a script, he gives it to his crews the same day of the shooting, so that -according to him- they can concentrate more. His shots are long fixed shots with a few zooms that bring us closer to the actors in one go. The light is beautiful, simple and the colors are almost erased to highlight the characters.

Hong Sang-Soo won the Silver Bear for Best Director for this film, his twenty-fourth. Married to the lead actress, -she has worked  with him in her eight previous films – he obviously wrote this film for her, a loving testimony to their story.

With Kim Min-hee, Seo Youg-wha, Lee Heun-mi, Song Seon-mi, Kim Sae-byuk





Movies and series


The Pitch (season 1)

As she prepares to leave Denmark to follow her companion to Sweden, investigator Sarah Lund must solve the murder of a teenage girl who was raped and murdered in the midst of an election campaign …


The series

Rewarded at the Bafta best TV series in 2011, this Danish series still broadcasted online on Arte.TV takes us into the daily life of a policewoman played by Sofie Gråbøl . 

Determined, Sarah Lund played by Sofie Gråbøl  is driven by an unfailing will in her investigation at the risk of jeopardizing her privacy. Like Harry Bosh, she fears neither fear nor pain. Accompanied by her replacement, Jan Meyer, played by Søren Malling, the police duet works wonders.

Each episode corresponds to one day of the investigation, that gives to the series an intensity, rarely seen in the police series, however numerous.


A series written as a trilogy

There are three seasons. The screenwriter wrote it as a trilogy and maybe that’s why this series works perfectly. Above all, it is written like a novel, like Homecoming made in two parts, and doesn’t try to go on like an umpteenth Walking Dead (even if it’s a very good series) in eleven seasons…

According to the author, Søren Sveistrup, quoted in “Les Inrocks”, “I try to be as universal as possible when talking about Western society and culture. War, terrorism and the fears it provokes are essential themes of our time. Moreover, they are an excellent springboard for a criminal investigation. There’s a saying that goes, ‘The first victim of a war is always the truth,’ and I wanted to expand on that. A detective story should always explore the reality in which we live. If it fails to do so, it is irrelevant,” he told Arte Magazine in 2011.


A public success

In Denmark, the series reaches 2 million viewers out of 5.5 million inhabitants, while in the United Kingdom, on BBC Four, the series reaches 600,000 viewers, sometimes ahead of the Mad Men series.

It was rebroadcast in France thanks to Arte this summer, and is available on the platform until March 31, 2021. To be seen urgently!



With Sofie Gråbøl, Søren Malling, Lars Mikkelsen, Bjarne Henriksen, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Marie Askehave, Morten Suurballe…








Still on screen

Relic, by Natalie Erika James




Maternal, by Maura Delpero



L’Enfant Rêvé, by Raphaël Jacoulot




Yalda, La nuit du Pardon, by Massoud Bakhshi


Israël, Le voyage Interdit, Partie I, by Jean-Pierre Lledo





Babylon, by Franco Rosso


A Dark Dark Man, by Adilkhan Yerzhanov


Calamity, by Rémi Chayé


Drunk, by Thomas Vinterberg





As from October 21st


La baleine et l’escargote


Petit Vampire, by Joann Sfar


City Hall, by Frederick Wiseman



Michel Ange, by Andrey Konchalovsky.



In November


Balloon, de Pema Tseden, as from November 11th.



Aline, by Valérie Lemercier, biopic on Céline Dion, as from November 11th.


Gagarine, by Lyna Khoudri, as from November 18th.

Mandibules, by Quentin Dupieux, as from November 18th


To come

Ibrahim, by Samir Guesmi


Minari, by Lee Isaac Chung, produced by Brad Pitt, expected to come out in Spring 2021

Winner of the Grand Prix and Public Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Minari is about the American dream of a Korean family and is played by Steven Yeun (Jacob), who also played in The Walking Dead .



5ème set, by Quentin Reynaudwith Alex Lutz, Ana Girardot, Kristin Scott Thomas


Come Away, by Brenda Chapman, with Angelina Jolie


Minamata, by Andrew Levitas



News of the world, by Paul Greengrass

Wet Season, Anthony Chen







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Wednesday 14

Arte : Enemy, de Denis Villeneuve
RTL9 : Des hommes d’honneur
TMC: Dirty dancing

Thursday 15

TF1 : Infidèle
France 3 Un monde parfait
Chérie 25 : Sleepers
TCM: True Grit
Arte : Monstre sacré


Friday 16

Arte : Take This Waltz
Ryan Gosling portrait
 Chilly Gonzales musician

TCM : Babel


Saturday 17

TCM: L’aventure intérieure
France 4: Shaun Le mouton


Sunday 18

TCM: Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood
France 2: Le crime de l’orient express
Arte : Spy game  with Brad Pitt & Robert Redford a documentary about Hedy Lamar
TF1 séries : Burn After reading
C+ Cinéma : Un divan à Tunis

Monday 19

Arte : La mariée était en noir
TCM: Lettres d’Iwo Jima
RTL9: Les Rois du désert
France 5 : Singin in the rain
Arte : Robe noire de Bruce Beresford


Tuesday 20

Canal+ : Sorry we miss U
Arte : Black Panthers
TFX: Mrs Doubtfire
Gulli : Kung Fu Panda


Wednesday 21


Arte : Moonrise Kingdom de Wes Anderson 
Star : True lies
6Ter: Catch me if you can





Dorian Gray : Oscar Wilde portrait

Canada and its writers

Laurel Canyon, pop rock ‘s legend

Arte is to broadcast special movies for Halloween

Rufus Wainwright

Jimmy Carter portrait as from October 20th



Mali,a special country 

Ivory Coast 






François Truffaut





Arte new series

New! : A young doctor’s notebook Jon Hamm (Mad Men) & Daniel Radcliffe. To watch here

The Virtues, Primé au Festival Séries Mania

Ill Behaviour



La Légende du Pianiste sur l’Océan

Une pure formalité, by Giuseppe Tornatore, with Gérard Depardieu and Roman Polanski



On France Télévisions


France TV Slash: 

To watch: a series on Youtubeurs


La Chaîne Parlementaire


LCP offers you a lot of good documentaries: here


La Cinémathèque Française


Louis de Funès exhibition

On Henri plateform, a cult movie everyday



Movies and series to watch 




Song Exploder, by Hrishikesh Hirway


Une vie sur notre planète, by David Attenborough, now


L’autre côté (La Valla), now, created by Daniel Ecija


Deaf U, produced by Nyle DiMarco, as from Friday


Borgen, now


La révolution, by Aurélien Molas, as from October 16th


Les sept de Chicago, by Aaron Sorkin, as from October 16th, with Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frank Langella, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance, Jeremy Strong, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael Keaton, John Carroll Lynch & Alex Sharp.



The Queen’s Gambit, as from October 23rd


Rebecca, byBen Wheatley, as from October 21st


Brave Blue World, as from October 21st


Mank, by David Fincher, as from December 4th


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom as from December 18th with Chadwick Boseman

Les images


Lupin, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Omar Sy, as from January 2021



Movies and series to watch 




Borat 2 by Sacha Baron Cohen, as from October 23rd

Black Box, by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr


Movies and series to watch 

on Canal+ 


Séjour dans Les Monts Funchun, by Gu Xiaogang with Qian Youfa, Wang Fengjuan, Sun Zhangjian.


La sagesse des profondeurs, Arnaud Jérald ‘s world record


Swallow, by Carlo Mirabella-Davis


Churchill, by Joe Wright, with awarded Gary Oldman


The Third Day, by Dennis Kelly et Felix Barrett, with Jude Law



The Undoing, created by David E. Kelley, directed by Susanne Bien, with Hugh Grant et Nicole Kidman, as from October 26th



Pahokee by Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan (review here)



Movies and series to watch 

on Apple TV




Tehran, by FAUDA ‘s screenwriter, Moshe Zonder. I am looking forward to watching it !


Wolfwalkers, by Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart


Movies and series to watch 

on Disney+


For Christmas

Soul, by Pete Docter et Kemp Powers with Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey ‘s voices






  • To watch on Cannes Series platform: all new series Dix pour Cent series is closing the festival
  • New Tintin movie upcoming directed by Patrice Leconte (Les Bronzés).
  • Wild Bunch TV is about to launch three new sequence, “Disaster Unit,” “Fragile” and “We Are Now,” at MIPCOM and the Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo (MIA) in Rome.
  • Now and till December 2020, all movie theaters from Dulac Distribution are part of the operation « Les mercredis à 5 euros, pour Tous ». In these movie theaters: L’Arlequin, L’Escurial, Le Reflet Médicis, Le Majestic Bastille et Le Majestic Passy.
  • Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in upcoming movie directed by Patty Jenkins



Movies and series


  • The African Cinema is doing its cinema. Movies will be broadcast from October 21st till October 24th at the Lincoln Champs Élysées-
    Programme AFSC
  • Till November 13th, Festival “Tant qu’il y aura du Mélo” at the Forum des Images. Program
  • The 19th Fête du Cinéma d’Animation is to begin on October 14th
  • The Cannes  Film Festival 2020 is coming back on La Croisette from October 27th till October 29th.  Program here
  • The Israeli Film Festival in Paris will take place from November 25th till November 29th at the Majestic Passy.



Go and watch  movies !


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