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Habibi chanson pour mes ami.e.s

Habibi, chanson pour mes ami.e.s documentary

Habibi chanson pour mes ami.e.s, documentary by Florent Gouëlou.


Habibi chanson pour mes ami.e.s by Florent Gouëlou





The Audience Award for Best French Independent Feature to Habibi, chanson pour mes ami.e.s by Florent Gouëlou.







For the past 3 years, La Flèche d’Or, a community and cultural space in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, has been offering performances and solidarity activities.

Each month, artists from the Habibi Evenings perform drag shows with a cinema theme. Habibi, Song for My Friends follows the preparation of the last cabaret of the season.

From costume making to collective rehearsals, the film portrays five drag artists and how their commitment resonates with that of La Flèche d’Or. Both the troupe and the volunteers are driven by the question of welcome and community. Until the grand finale, an engaged, festive, and convivial drag show.


With Javel Habibi/Florent Gouëlou, Sara Forever/Matthieu Barbin, Ruby on the Nail/Maxime Der Nahabédian, Tuna Mess/Clovis Nix, Kiara Bolt/Mathias Jamain Houngnikpo.




Premiered at the Champs Élysées Film Festival, “Habibi, Chanson pour mes” offers a fascinating reflection on the world of drag, providing a refreshing counter-narrative to the popular universe of Drag Race.

From costume creation to group rehearsals, the film portrays five drag artists and how their commitment resonates with that of La Flèche d’Or.

Florent GOUËLOU, already known for his feature film “Trois nuits par semaine,” employs a different approach here, that of documentary filmmaking. His camera captures the behind-the-scenes and private moments of the artists.

The subjects sometimes forget the camera’s presence, making the narrative even more authentic and touching.

Pauline Doméjean, in charge of cinematography, contributes to the film’s visual magic, especially in the makeup sequences where we witness the transformation from daytime individual to nighttime artist in real-time.

The film is driven by a soundtrack rich in cult and catchy songs. The choreography and rehearsals magnify the intimate relationship with the body and artistic expression. Behind these shows lies a desire to exist, to elevate the everyday, to fully care for oneself, and to explore one’s potential for complete fulfillment.

“Habibi, Chanson pour mes” also explores the inherent duality in drag. The artist and their female alter ego coexist to perform and share their experiences with an appreciative audience.

It is a political and humanistic work that invites us to reflect on acceptance, commitment, and the transformative power of art.

This film reminds us that becoming famous or recognized is not just an individual quest but a collective adventure, rich in solidarity and love.


Let’s hope “Habibi, Chanson pour mes” quickly finds a distributor.



Interview by Perrine Quennesson


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