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trei limometri

Trei Kilometri Pana La Capatul Lumii

Trei Kilometri Până La Capătul Lumii

Trei Kilometri Până La Capătul Lumii is a Romanian film directed by Emanuel Pârvu, screened in the official selection at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

Screenplay: Emanuel Pârvu, Miruna Berescu





Trei Kilometri Pana La Capatul Lumii tells the story of an adolescent discovering his homosexuality in a conservative Romanian community.

Adi, 17, spends the summer in his native village in the Danube Delta. One night, he is brutally attacked in the street, and the next day his world is turned upside down. His parents no longer look at him the same way, and the apparent tranquility of the village begins to crack.



Trei Kilometri Pana La Capatul Lumii


It’s summer. Adi, an only child, is adored by his parents. The three of them live n a village located at the end of the world. Daily, he helps his father, a fisherman in debt to a local mobster.

Adi loves another boy. Together, in the evening, they walk on the beach. Then night falls. Adi is violently attacked by the sons of the local mafia boss. During the night, he and his parents file a complaint at the police station.

But as soon as they learn that their son is homosexual, everything changes. Adi, who was the object of their love, becomes the object of blows, abuse, and isolation.  Everyone turns against him. In a small environment where conservative influence is dominant, everyone conforms to the authority run by the mobster, even the corrupted police.

What if Adi withdrew his complaint? The mafia boss could erase his father’s debt. And if he was exorcised, maybe he wouldn’t be gay anymore?

Only a young girl his age tries to help him...

In this very moving, slow-paced film with beautiful lighting, Emanuel Pârvu questions unconditional parental love. When this love fails, what happens?


Starring: Bogdan Dumitrache (the father), Ciprian Chiujdea (Adi), Laura Vasiliu (the mother)


In theaters at the end of May


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