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Films as of December 6th

Films as of December 6th




Your films as of December 6th


IN 2024

BOB MARLEY : ONE LOVE Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green celebrates the life and music of an icon who inspired generations with his message of love and unity.

For the first time on the big screen, discover Bob Marley’s powerful story, his resilience in the face of adversity, and the path that led him to his revolutionary music.

Produced in partnership with the Marley family and starring Kingsley Ben-Adir as the legendary musician and Lashana Lynch as his wife Rita, BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE will be released in cinemas in 2024.



Io Capitano, Matteo Garrone










Augure, Baloji

With Marc Zinga, Lucie Debay, Eliane Umuhire



After 15 years away, Koffi returns to the Congo to introduce his pregnant wife to her family. Considered a sorcerer by his own people, he meets three other characters who, like him, want to free themselves from the weight of their beliefs and the constraints they face.

Only through mutual support and reconciliation can they break free.


Yes or No?



Augure is a choral film telling the story of four characters considered by their families to be witches and wizards, and rejected as such.

Its director, Baloji, is a rapper (MC Balo in Starflam), songwriter, poet, performer, music video director and art director, actor and stylist. In fact, he created soundtracks for each of the four main protagonists, which served as inspiration for the actors’ and actresses’ performances. And endowed with synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon whereby two or more senses are associated, in this case colored hearing (he perceives colors in response to sounds), he exploited this gift to feed his choice of sets, costumes and, in general, his staging.

His Swahili name, Baloji, means “sorcerer”, and even “sorcerer who can seize the powers of other sorcerers”.

Marked by his childhood, the director has made the theme of witchcraft the heart of his film. That’s why Koffi, the film’s main character, has a wine stain on his face. Baloji explains that he wanted to materialize the weight of this label.

Koffi tries to reconnect with his family, who have rejected him, but despite the dowry and requests for love, no one among the elders responds. He finds a little love and affection in his sister, who also wants to live far from tradition and superstition.

Women are the first victims of this rejection, whether they are sterile, widowed or have a different sexuality.

Alice, Koffi’s wife, represents the West, which, despite its open-mindedness, is stunned by the violent rejection to which she and her husband are subjected. Her character would have benefited from further development.

Shot in just twenty-three days and for less than a million euros, Augure is the first feature film by Baloji,  who analyzes a society he knows well with love and lucidity.

The actors are very good and the colorimetry is particularly meticulous. Despite some length and misunderstandings, Augure succeeds in tackling a subject rarely tackled in cinema: family rejection and the weight of witchcraft linked to patriarchy and the description of a society where young people sometimes find it hard to reject the codes.


In cinemas now. Go and see it!






Le Grand magasin, Yoshimi Itazu

With Kawaida Natsumi, Takeo Otsuka, Nobuo Tobita

Akino is the apprentice concierge at a very special department store: all the customers are animals. Big or small, furry or feathered, Akino works hard to satisfy all their requests… even the most surprising.

The film is adapted from a manga by Tsuchika Nishimura : La concierge du grand magasin, recently published in France by Lézard Noir.



Soudain seuls,  Thomas Bidegain

With Gilles Lellouche, Mélanie Thierry

Ben and Laura, a couple for 5 years, have decided to sail around the world. Before reaching South America, they make a detour to a wild island off the coast of Antarctica.

In the middle of their exploration, a storm hits and their boat disappears.



Noël Joyeux, Clément Michel

With Franck Dubosc, Emmanuelle Devos, Danièle Lebrun

Christmas in the Barand household is a sacred occasion! Especially for Vincent, the father, who is delighted to see the whole family together.

But when his children cancel at the last minute, he can’t imagine spending the holidays alone with his wife. So he decides to go to a retirement home.



Bâtiment 5,  Ladj Ly

With Anta Diaw, Alexis Manenti, Aristote Luyindula

Haby, a young woman deeply involved in the life of her community, discovers the new redevelopment plan for the neighborhood where she grew up.

Conducted on the sly by Pierre Forges, a young pediatrician who has been promoted to mayor, the plan calls for the demolition of the building where Haby grew up.



Levante,  Lillah Halla

With Ayomi Domenica, Loro Bardot, Grace Passô

Sofia, a promising 17-year-old volleyball player, learns she’s pregnant on the eve of a championship that could seal her fate.

Unwilling to go through with the pregnancy, she seeks an illegal abortion, only to find herself the target of a fundamentalist group determined to stop her at all costs.

But neither Sofia nor those close to her intend to submit to the blind fervor of the masses.


L’Enfant du paradis,  Salim Kechiouche

With Salim Kechiouche, Nora Arnezeder, Hassan Alili

After a long period in his acting career, Yazid finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sober for the past six months, he wants to show his new fiancée and Hassan, his 16-year-old son, that he is now another man who has regained a taste for life.

But in a matter of days, old demons resurface.


Fremont,  Babak Jalali

With Anaita Wali Zada, Jeremy Allen White, Gregg Turkington

Donya, a 20-year-old Afghan refugee, works for a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco.

A former translator for the US army in Afghanistan, she has trouble sleeping and feels lonely.

Her routine is disrupted when her boss entrusts her with writing messages and predictions. Her desire is awakened and she decides to send a special message in one of the cookies, letting fate take its course.



Godzilla Minus One,  Takashi Yamazaki

With Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yûki Yamada

Japan is just recovering from World War II when a gigantic peril emerges off the coast of Tokyo.

Koichi, a kamikaze deserter traumatized by his first confrontation with Godzilla, sees an opportunity to redeem his wartime conduct.


La Chimère, Alice Rohrwacher

With Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Isabella Rossellini

Everyone pursues a dream, but never quite grasps it. For some, it’s a dream of easy money, for others the quest for a past love…

Back in his small town on the Tyrrhenian coast, Arthur meets up with his gang of Tombaroli, plunderers of Etruscan tombs and archaeological wonders.



-M- En Rêvalité : Le Concert au Cinéma,  Gabriel Goubet

Cinema broadcast of the concert from -M-‘s last tour, which drew over 1 million spectators.


Kokomo City,  D. Smith

Daniella, Dominique, Koko and Liyah talk openly, humorously and lucidly about sex work, the black-American community, trans-identity, gender relations and love.

Director D. Smith, herself concerned by these issues, offers a raw, edgy and rare glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary women.



Movies to come (and we are looking forward to it):


The Color Purple, Blitz Bazawule (“Black Is King,” “The Burial of Kojo”) and produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Scott Sanders and Quincy Jones.

Expected December 25th.



Bottoms, Emma Seligman


Wonka, Paul King, in December.


The Zone of Interest, Jonathan Glazer and starring  Sandra Hüller, Christian Friedel, Ralph Herforth.




Scott Myers : Go into the story







Mercredi – Wednesday 6

Arte : Dark Waters

France 4 : Concert Alain Souchon


Jeudi – Thursday 7

TF1 : Panda (série)

Canal + : Love & Death

Arte : Life on Mars

Chérie 25 : Mystic River


Vendredi- Friday 8

M6 : Les indestructibles

Arte : Huguette


Dimanche – Sunday 10

France 2 : Mourir peut attendre

Arte : Angel Heart


Lundi – Monday 11

TF1 : Dirty Dancing

France 5 : Bigger than us

Canal + : Pamela Rose la série

Arte : La princesse de Clève


Mardi – Tuesday 12

Canal + :  Les âmes soeurs

France 4 : Concert Queen in Budapest

Arte : Le combat des tribus


Mercredi – Wednesday 13

Arte : Appaloosa





Le métis de dieu, Ilan Duran Cohen
Played by Laurent Lucas, energetic and tormented, this is an emotional portrait of Cardinal Lustiger, a major player in Jewish-Christian reconciliation. A captivating TV film, also starring Aurélien Recoing, Pascal Greggory and Nathalie Richard.


Compartment n° 6

Full of delicacy and humour, Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen’s second feature, following the acclaimed “Olli Mäki”, recounts the meeting of two solitudes during a snowy journey to the far reaches of post-Soviet Russia.

Moscow, 1996. Finnish Laura, an archaeology student in Russia, has just been dumped by her girlfriend and sets off on a train journey to Murmansk to admire the Kanozero petroglyphs, rock paintings dating back 10,000 years. On this 2,000-kilometre journey, she has to share her sleeping car, compartment 6, with Ljoha, a Russian miner. At first repulsed by his rudeness, his obscene flirtatious remarks, his alcoholism and his constant smoking, Laura, over the course of this six-day journey beyond the Arctic Circle, ends up taking a liking to this young man who is as lonely as she is.


Cycle Jasujirô OZU: 10 films in restored versions and 1 previously unseen documentary, from November 8 to April 29.

A keen observer of the torments of the Japanese soul, Ozu left a body of work of over fifty films, cited as an example by Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismäki, that bears witness to the upheavals of the pre- and post-war periods.

There are no palace intrigues or clashing knives, as with his illustrious colleagues Kurosawa or Mizoguchi, but a total devotion to contemporary, naturalistic family stories.



Orlando, my political biography

How is the figure of Orlando, imagined by Virginia Woolf, embodied today? In his first highly personal documentary, philosopher and activist Paul B. Preciado teams up with trans and non-binary people to deliver a queer, deeply political re-reading of this key novel of modernity.


The thousand and one lives of Jorge Semprún, Albert Solé

Writing and life A rich archive, interviews with close friends and family (his grandson Thomas Landman, his friend Bernard Pivot… ) and specialists (biographers Soledad Fox and Franziska Augstein, essayist Alain Minc…), as well as remarkable animated sequences illustrating extracts from his stories, this documentary reviews the thousand lives of this fierce anti-fascist, who made his memories, constantly reworked, the material of his literary work.

From exile to clandestinity to stardom, Albert Solé paints a captivating portrait of Jorge Semprún, a major witness to the 20th century who died in 2011, and whose centenary is being celebrated in December. 



Forced labor, the SOS of a Chinese prisoner, Laetitia Moreau

Based on a helping message discovered in a pregnancy test, this exemplary investigation brings to the European Parliament a well-hidden secret of “made in China”: a system of “prison-companies” exploiting slave prisoners.

One day in Paris, a young woman buys a cheap pregnancy test manufactured in Tianjin, China. Folded into the package insert, she found a handwritten letter in Chinese, titled with three eloquent Latin characters (“SOS”). Translated and examined, the letter reveals a stupefying content: “Dear friends, do you know that behind your quiet life there are Chinese prisoners working in the prisons of Tianjin twelve to fifteen hours a day without eatin



Life on Mars – Season 1 (1/8)

Following an accident in the middle of an investigation, a police inspector finds himself mysteriously propelled back to 1973… A cult series in the UK, with a delightful blend of thriller and fantasy set against a backdrop of seventies rock.


The whole series on 14 November.
While accompanying fragile patients on the road to recovery, a psychiatric nurse is overtaken by his own demons. Set against a sumptuous Australian landscape, “Wakefield” raises powerful questions about the notions of reason and unreason.


Sous la neige
In Austria, a family moves to the mountains to treat their daughter’s asthma. Alma is soon plagued by recurring visions of the tragic death of a young woman. A thriller with fantastic overtones, the ‘Under the Snow’ series features a mother torn between her instincts and her rationality, between her love for her daughter and a hostile village community.



Polar Park

In France’s coldest village, a writer in crisis finds himself on the trail of a serial killer with a devious imagination, alongside a gendarme who’s a little too Cartesian… A delicious blend of thriller and comedy, a series in the form of a snowy treasure hunt.

With Polar Park, director Gérald Hustache-Mathieu brings back to life the endearing heroes of his film Poupoupidou (2011), a mismatched duo of investigators played by Jean-Paul Rouve and Guillaume Gouix.


The Restaurant, Harald Hamrell, from December 15.

From the bourgeois siblings at the helm to the dishwashers in the kitchen, this ambitious family saga deploys an array of engaging, well-cast characters whose destinies we follow over three decades and four seasons through the upheavals of history, from the immediate post-war years to the upheavals of May ’68.

With a subtle mix of romance and intrigue, and in a historical reconstruction that always rings true (the sets and costumes are magnificent), the series tackles the political and social issues that marked Sweden during the Thirty Glorious: class struggle, female emancipation, repression of homosexuality, the emergence of the trade union movement and social democracy, right up to the political upheavals of the early 1970s. 



Your films and series to watch as of December 6th on Netflix




Israeli & films series

Bodies, created by Susie Liggat, now.

Four detectives living in four different eras – 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053 – discover the same body in London’s Whitechapel district and try to solve the case.

Sex Education, season 4, Laurie Nunn, now.


Pax Massilia. Oliver Marchal follows a group of police officers as they track down a dangerous criminal in the city of Marseille, already plagued by a deadly gang war. Currently showing.




The Crown season 6 part 2: December 14

The series inspired by the life of Elizabeth II and the British royal family draws to a close.

And the final episodes of The Crown will retrace such landmark moments as the wedding of Charles and Camilla, and the meeting of William and Kate.


Berlin: December 29

Spin of La Casa de Papel features the Berlin character in an almost impossible heist in Paris. With Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso.



Robbie Williams, Joe Pearlman, now.

After 25 years of his record-breaking solo career, Robbie looks back on his younger self and reflects on a lifetime spent in the spotlight.




Le dernier Vermeer, Dan Friedkin avec Guy Pearce, Claes Bang. As of November 30th

At the end of the Second World War, Joseph Piller investigates Han van Meegeren, a famous Dutch painter accused of conspiring with the Nazis to sell Hermann Göring a Vermeer painting. Despite all the evidence against him, Piller is convinced of Han van Meegeren’s innocence and finds himself in the difficult position of fighting to save him.



May December, by Todd Haynes, starring Cory Michael Smith, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, as of Dec 1st.


Yellow Door:’90s Lo-fi Film Club, Bong Joon-Hoo, now.


Nyad,  Annette Bening & Jodie Foster. Now.

Nyad directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin starring Annette Bening, Jodie Foster.



Leave the world behind, by Sam Esmail (Mr Robot), produced by Obama couple.

As of December 8th, with Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke & Mahershala Ali

A couple book a luxurious weekend at a Long Island villa, but the stay turns into a nightmare when the owner of the house suddenly arrives to seek refuge with his daughter, warning the family that a terrible catastrophe threatens the world. “Without telephone, television or Internet, the tenants are plunged into uncertainty. Can they really trust their hosts?



Maestro, by and with Bradley Cooper, and Carey Mulligan, as of December 20th.



Rebel Moon-Partie 1 : Enfant du feu follows the destiny of Kora. The former warrior takes up arms to defend a peasant colony threatened by a terrible regent.

Starring Sofia Boutella. From December 22.



Damsel, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Millie Bobby Brown, in 2024.




Your films and series to watch as of ​December 6th on Prime Video



Wilderness, by Marnie Dickens, starring Jenna Coleman & Will & Oliver Jackson-Cohen, now.


The Lost flowers of Alice Hart, Sarah Lambert.


Reacher season 2, as of December 15th



Candy Cane Lane, as of December 1st


Saltburn, Emerald Fennell, Nov 24



Un stupéfiant Noël, Arthur Sanigou, as of December 8th


Your Christmas or mine,  as of December 8th




Your films and series to watch as of December 6th on Canal+




The undeclared war, Peter Kosminsky : a must-see.


Alexia, autopsy of a feminicide
Is there anything worse than losing one’s child, martyred, strangled and whose body was abandoned in a forest before being set on fire? Nothing, except perhaps living with the murderer afterwards…
4 episodes


A friend of the family, Nick Antosca,from 28 November

In the 1970s, Robert Berchtold, a close friend and neighbour of the Brobergs, develops an unhealthy obsession with young Jan and abducts her several times. Manipulated, the Brobergs can’t imagine that their friend would harm their daughter.




Love and death, by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by David E. Kelley. 

From 30 November

Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Jesse Plemons et Lily Rab

Candy Montgomery is the perfect housewife. One day, she’s fed up and wants to satisfy her own desires. Her quiet life is turned upside down when she becomes involved in an extramarital affair. The affair turns bloody.



De grandes espérances, Sylvain Desclous.



Your films and series to watch as of December 6th on Apple TV & Canal+



Monarch : legacy of monsters, Chris Black & Matt Fraction, now.


The Buccaneers, series creator Katherine Jakeways and directed by BAFTA Award winner Susanna White.

Upcoming British period drama television series written by Katherine Jakeways, based on the unfinished novel of the same name by American novelist Edith Wharton, published posthumously in 1938. 

The arrival of a group of American women into 1870s London society results in a culture clash, with two differing approaches to tradition. 



Fingernails, by Christos Nikou, avec Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, and Jeremy Allen White, now.

Anna and Ryan have found true love. It’s been proven by a controversial new technology. There’s just one problem: Anna still isn’t sure. Then she takes a position at a love testing institute, and meets Amir.

With Jeremy Allen White, Jessie Buckley & Riz Ahmed.



John Lennon, “Murder without a trial” as of December 6th, co-director Rob Coldstream


The Family Plan, Simon Cellan Jones, as of December 15th.


Masters of the Air, John Orloff, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman, as of January 26th, 2024



The Velveteen Rabbit, as of November 22nd.



Your films and series to watch as of December 6th on Disney Plus



Quiz Lady, Jessica Yu with Awkwafina, Sandra O, on Nov 3.

Anne (Awkwafina) is a brilliant young woman with a passion for game shows. She soon finds herself forced to team up with her sister Jenny (Sandra Oh) – with whom she has almost lost touch and whom life’s ups and downs have not spared – to help pay off their mother’s gambling debts.

When Anne’s dog is kidnapped for ransom, the two have no choice but to embark on an incredible journey across the U.S. with one idea in mind: to make Anne the undisputed champion of the shows she loves so much, in order to get the money they need!





The Bear, season 2, Christopher Storer.



The other black girl, as of September 13th, series by Danielle Henderson, adapted from eponymous novel by Dalila Harris.


Tout va bien, by Camille de Castelnau, starking Virginie Efira, Nicole Garcia, Sara Giraudeau, Bernard Le Coq, Aliocha Schneider, Yannik Landrein, Eduardo Noriega et Mehdi Nebbou, as of Nov 15.


Percy Jackson & les Olympiens, Chris Columbus, as of December 20th.


Bertie Gregory, Au plus près des animaux, now


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