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All films as from June 28th

Your weekly program as from June 28th



All the best films as from June 28th.



Preview on July 2nd at Publicis Cinéma: “The United States of fashion designer Elie Tahari” , David Serero

Fashion designer Elie Tahari has been living the American dream for over 50 years.

He came to New York in 1971 from Israel with less than $100 in his pocket, slept on benches in Central Park and went on to build a billion-dollar fashion empire. There are thousands of fashion companies in the world, but only three have lasted more than 45 years and are still run by their founders: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Elie Tahari.




10 films to watch during “La fête du cinéma” from July 2nd to July 5th

Download the file : Fete du cinéma







Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra, Alain Chabat’s cult film released 21 years ago, is getting a makeover for a theatrical re-release on July 5 in a restored 4K version, at the price of 5 euros.






2023 Champs Elysées Film Festival 2023

Champs Elysées Film Festival 2023

The article






Indiana Jones et le Cadran de la Destinée

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

June 28, 2023 / Action, Adventure

From James Mangold

With Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen

1969. After more than a decade of teaching at New York’s Hunter College, the esteemed Dr. Jones, professor of archaeology, is about to retire and enjoy some peaceful days.

This all changes after a surprise visit from his goddaughter Helena Shaw, who is in search of a rare artifact that her father once entrusted to Indiana: the famous Archimedes Dial, a relic with the power to locate temporal fissures. Helena steals the object and hurriedly leaves the country to sell it to the highest bidder. Indy has no choice but to set off in pursuit.



June 28, 2023 / Action

From Xavier Gens

With Nassim Lyes, Loryn Nounay, Olivier Gourmet

Sam is an exemplary prisoner. With only a few months to go before his release, he is diligently preparing for his reintegration into society. On leave, his past catches up with him and an accident leaves him with only one choice: escape. Five years later, he has rebuilt his life in Thailand, where he has started the family he has always dreamed of.



Vers un avenir radieux

June 28, 2023 / Comedy, Comedy drama, Drama

By Nanni Moretti 

With Nanni Moretti, Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando

Giovanni, a renowned Italian filmmaker, is preparing to shoot his new film. But with his marriage in crisis, his French producer on the verge of bankruptcy and his daughter deserting him, everything seems to be working against him!


How to Save a Dead Friend

June 28, 2023 / Documentary

By Marusya Syroechkovskaya

Sixteen-year-old Marusya, like many Russian teenagers, is determined to end her life. Then she meets her soulmate in another millennial named Kimi. For ten years, they filmed the euphoria and anxiety, the happiness and misery of their youth, muzzled by a violent, autocratic regime within .


La Sirène

June 28, 2023 / Animation

By Sepideh Farsi

With Mina Kavani, Hadmidreza Djavdan

1980, southern Iran. The people of Abadan resist the siege by the Iraqis. Omid, 14, has decided to stay put, but as the stranglehold tightens, he tries to save his loved ones by fleeing the city aboard an abandoned boat.


June 28, 2023 / Drama, Romance

From Ira Sachs

With Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw, Adèle Exarchopoulos

The story of two men who have been together for fifteen years and what happens when one of them has an affair with a woman.


Elle s’appelle Barbara

June 28, 2023 / Drama 

By Sérgio Tréfaut

With Joana Bernardo, Hugo Bentes, Lola Dueñas

Barbara, a young woman, has followed her husband to Iraq, where he has become a Daech fighter. Three years later, her life has changed radically and she now lives in a jihadist prison camp. After her husband’s execution, she will soon be tried by the country’s courts.


Dernière séance à Bucarest

June 28, 2023 / Drama

By Ludi Boeken

With Paul Diaconescu, Cristian Balint, Julia Levy-Boeken

1955. Eliahu B., a young Israeli soldier of Romanian-Jewish origin, is tried by the Israeli Court Martial. Two and a half years earlier, he had learned that his father’s murderer, an officer in the Romanian Iron Guard, had taken refuge in the French Foreign Legion after the war.

He decided to desert from the Israeli army in order to find him… and carry out his plan in the swamps of Indochina.



La Salamandre

From Alexandre Carvalho

With Marina Foïs, Maicon Rodrigues, Anna Mouglalis

Catherine visits her sister Aude in Recife, Brazil, shortly after the death of their father. There, she meets Gil, a young Brazilian street boy. In his contact, and in this foreign environment, she regains a taste for long-forgotten sensations and finds the possibility of reinventing herself.





Movies to come (and we are looking forward to it):


Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One


Oppenheimer,  Christopher Nolan, next July 19th


Dune 2, Denis Villeneuve, next November 3rd


Hypnotic, Robert Rodriguez


The Color Purple, Blitz Bazawule (“Black Is King,” “The Burial of Kojo”) and produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Scott Sanders and Quincy Jones. Expected December 25th.



Bottoms, Emma Seligman





Scott Myers : Go into the story





Mercredi- Wednesday 28

Arte : Un flic

L’Équipe : Apollo 13

CStar : The lost city of Z


Jeudi – Thursday 29

Canal + : Foundation

Arte : Maîtres et valets

M6 :Mission impossible : protocole fantôme

Vendredi – Friday 30

Arte : Le terreau de la colère

France 5 :Le cercle rouge


Dimanche – Sunday 2

France 2 : Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation

Arte : La couleur pourpre


Lundi – Monday 3

Canal + : Gangs of London (série)

Arte :  Aviator

France 3 : La cage dorée

France 2 : Black Mirror (série)


Mardi – Tuesday 4

Canal + : Ouistreham


Mercredi- Wednesday 5

Arte : Moka

TF1 : Le dîner de con






Flatland – trois horizons

In South Africa, a policewoman pursues a young murderess on the run in the desert…

At the crossroads of western, road movie and film noir, a work of exceptional visual power from young South African director Jenna Cato Bass.


L’amour à rebours

After an arranged marriage, Mina feels lost in Germany, where she has joined her Iranian husband…

Director Susan Gordanshekan, whose parents were themselves involved in an arranged marriage, paints a sensitive portrait of two people torn between the values of their upbringing and the freedom of the Western way of life.



Pussy, Pleasure, Power ! Le désir féminin dans la pop culture

As female pleasure takes on an increasingly important role in pop song, how do women receive these messages of “positive sexuality” without taboos? Find out in this documentary that celebrates the intimate.



Maîtres et Valets

An English aristocratic couple takes possession of an elegant London mansion.  To maintain her position, Lady Holland must recruit the finest servants. In the vein of Downton Abbey, the series Maîtres et valets explores the lives of tragi-comic characters against a historical and social backdrop.


Raven, Maciej Pieprzyca

A quiet, tortured investigator struggles between child abduction and corruption in the Polish police force.


Short movies

27 Flóra Anna Buda

At the age of 27, Alice still lives with her parents and has no private life or love life. After falling into a coma following a bicycle accident on the way home from her birthday party, she realizes it’s time to leave the nest…

“27” won the Palme d’or for short film at the Cannes 2023 Film Festival.



The forest of Mademoiselle Tang

After “Funan”, awarded the Cristal for feature film at the Annecy Festival in 2018, Denis Do sweeps through two centuries of Chinese family history in a superb animated film.




All films as from June 28th on Netflix



Arnold, Lesley Chilcott (An Inconvenient Truth) & Allen Hughes (The Defiant Ones), now.


Never Have I ever, final & season 4, now !


Black Mirror, S6 , now



All films as from June 28th on Prime Video


Good Omens S 2, Neil Gaiman, as of July 28th.


The Lost flowers of Alice Hart, Sarah Lambert, as of August 4th.



All films as from June 28th on Canal+


Avatar, la voie de l’eau, James Cameron, now.


PLANCHA, Eric Lavaine. June 16th.


I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY, Kasi Lemmons, June 21st


LE NOUVEAU JOUET, James Huth, June 23rd


LE PARFUM VERT, Nicolas Pariser, June 27th



All films as from June 28th on Apple TV & Canal+


Silo, Graham Yost: go for it!


The crowded room, Akiva Goldsman,  with Tom Holland.




All films as from June 28th on Disney Plus


Chevalier, Stephen Williams, now


Secret Invasion, Kyle Bradstreet, as of June 21st


Great expectations,Brady Hood, as of June 28th.



The Bear, season 2, Christopher Storer, as of July 21st.


Ahsoka, Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni, as of August 23rd


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