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Films as of March 27th

Films as of March 27th



Your films as of March 27th


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Movies Releases as of March 27th


Discover the latest cinema releases on March 27th, 2024! At, we keep you updated on the must-watch films. Here’s a preview of the movies showing today:



Pas de vagues

March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Teddy Lussi-Modeste
Starring: François Civil, Shaïn Boumedine, Bakary Kebe

Julien is a teacher at the middle school. Young and eager, he tries to build rapport with his class by taking a few students under his wing, including the shy Leslie. This favoritism is poorly received by some classmates who attribute other intentions to the teacher. Julien is accused of harassment. The rumor spreads.

Kung Fu Panda 4

March 27, 2024 | Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Directed by: Mike Mitchell (V), Stephanie Stine
Starring: Manu Payet, Jack Black, Awkwafina

After three adventures in which the dragon warrior Po fought the most formidable villains thanks to unmatched courage and martial arts skills, destiny will knock on his door once again to … invite him to finally rest. More precisely, to be named spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace.

La Promesse verte

March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Edouard Bergeon
Starring: Alexandra Lamy, Félix Moati, Sofian Khammes

To try to save her son Martin, unfairly sentenced to death in Indonesia, Carole embarks on an unequal battle against palm oil producers responsible for deforestation and against powerful industrial lobbies.

L’Affaire Abel Trem

March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Gábor Reisz
Starring: Gáspár Adonyi-Walsh, Istvan Znamenak, András Rusznák
Original Title: Magyarázat mindenre

It’s the end of the school year in Budapest. Rejected in his history oral, Abel decides to lie to his parents about the reasons for his failure and unwittingly triggers a political-media scandal.


March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Ronan Tronchot
Starring: Grégory Gadebois, Géraldine Nakache, Lyes Salem

In a small town in central France, Simon is a devoted priest to his parish. During a mass, Louise, whom he hadn’t seen since his seminary years, resurfaces. She introduces him to Aloé, an 11-year-old child, of whom he is the father. This news will disrupt his daily life.

Le Jeu de la reine

March 27, 2024 | Drama, Historical

Directed by: Karim Aïnouz
Starring: Alicia Vikander, Jude Law, Simon Russell Beale
Original Title: Firebrand

Catherine Parr is the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, whose previous wives were either divorced or beheaded (only one died from illness). With the help of her ladies-in-waiting, she tries to thwart the traps set by the bishop, the court, and the king …

Los delincuentes

March 27, 2024 | Drama, Thriller

Directed by: Rodrigo Moreno
Starring: Daniel Elias, Esteban Bigliardi, Margarita Molfino

Román and Morán, two modest bank employees from Buenos Aires, are trapped by routine. Morán implements a crazy project: to steal from the vault an amount equivalent to their lifetime salaries. Now criminals, their destinies are linked. As they flee and meet people, each in their own way embarks on a new path to freedom.

Apolonia, Apolonia

March 27, 2024 | Documentary

Directed by: Lea Glob

When Danish director Lea Glob starts filming the painter Apolonia Sokol, it was only supposed to be a film school exercise. The filmed portrait eventually turned into a thirteen-year-long intimate and winding epic, that of a young female artist, from her bohemian life at the heart of the theater.

O Corno, a Story of Women

March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Jaione Camborda
Original Title: O corno

1971, Francoist Spain. In the Galician countryside, María assists women giving birth and occasionally those who do not want to have children. After trying to help a young woman, she is forced to flee the country, leaving everything behind. During her perilous journey to Portugal, María meets …

We Will Always Be Here! Plogoff 1980

March 27, 2024 | Drama

Directed by: Nicolas Guillou
Starring: Alexandra Robert, Louison Guillou Robert, Denise Dodé

Following a nuclear power plant project in her municipality, Jeanne decides to join the fight. With her family, her friends, she will fight for months to denounce and prevent this installation. Will they manage to swing the project to their side? An intense struggle that will become the testimony of a historical fight.

La Théorie du Boxeur

March 27, 2024 | Documentary

Directed by: Nathanaël Coste

Heatwaves, droughts, late frosts or pests, the climate is getting out of control and our agriculture must change course… But where to? Nathanaël Coste investigates in the Drôme valley to understand how farmers adapt, while questioning the food resilience of the territories.

Bad Day

March 27, 2024 | Comedy, Thriller

Directed by: Kevin T. Landry
Starring: Eve Ringuette, Réal Bossé, Valérie Blais

Accumulating abuses from a narcissistic ex-boyfriend and a condescending superior, a young single mother working for the national lottery is sent to the middle of nowhere to interview a strange hermit who became a millionaire.





Scott Myers : Go into the stor





Mercredi- Wednesday 27

TF1 : L’Affaire Jacob Barber

Arte : Kramer contre Kramer


Jeudi – Thursday 28

Canal + : Trigger Point

Arte : Trom, les falaises, le vent et la mort (série)

TMC : Edge of Tomorrow


Vendredi- Friday 29

France 5 : Nos plus belles années

Arte : La femme du gardien du zoo


Dimanche – Sunday 31

Arte : Katia

TFX : The Handmaid’s Tale

W9 : Ghost


Lundi – Monday 1er

Arte : Morituri

TMC : Les Éternels


Mardi – Tuesday 2

France 2 : Un autre monde

Canal + : Le Procès Goldman

Arte : Yakuza


Mercredi- Wednesday 3

Arte : La confession





Les accusés, Jonathan Kaplan

Raped by three customers in a bar, a young woman fights, supported by a tenacious lawyer, to have them convicted… An uncompromising denunciation of the impunity of sexual crimes led by Jodie Foster, awarded at the Oscars.


Love at first sight, now.

In the misogynistic 1950s, the romantic friendship between Léna and Madeleine will shatter their respective marriages… Orchestrated by Diane Kurys, a splendid encounter at the summit between Isabelle Huppert and Miou-Miou.




Race to AI – Towards the Best of Worlds?

Overview of advances in artificial intelligence in Europe, at the dawn of a new era with yet unknown disruptions.


Marley by Kevin Macdonald

Bob Marley, his life, his musical and spiritual journey: directed by Kevin Macdonald (“The Last King of Scotland”), here is the definitive portrait of the king of reggae, in which his loved ones collaborated.



You and Me, Tom Vaughan: now.

The return to life and joy of a young widowed father in the suburbs of London.

A delicate and luminous British series, carried by a charming trio of actors. Breathlessly chasing after a bus, Ben and Jess fall head over heels for each other. Gradually, the romance turns into a serious relationship: the couple moves in together and, after two years of happiness, Jess gives birth to twins. But upon leaving the hospital, the mother and children are involved in a traffic accident.

Jess does not survive, leaving Ben alone to care for the two newborns. Back to the present: consumed by grief, the young widower sees his mother move in with him to help.


The Split – Saison 1 (1/6), Jessica Hobbs 

A brilliant London lawyer specializing in divorce cases begins to doubt her own marriage…

A feminist comedy, nuanced and tender family portrait by the creator of “The Hour”.

First episode: Hannah Stern, a family law attorney, resists the advances of a former lover in court and faces the return of their absent father with her two sisters.

Hannah Stern works in London as a lawyer specializing in family law. With her sisters Nina and Rose, she is preparing to celebrate their mother Ruth’s birthday. Lately, Hannah’s life hasn’t been simple: she has just left her mother’s law firm, where Nina also works, to join the rival firm Noble & Hale. There, she encounters an old flame, Christie Carmichael, whose presence threatens the balance of her marriage to Nathan. And to complicate matters, she has just crossed paths with a man absent for thirty years: her father.


Dana & Murray, now.

The Israeli feel-good series created by Stav Idisis and directed by Yogev Yefet “Dana and Murray.” Written by Stav Idisis.

The friendship between two roommates, Dana, a gynecologist, and Murray, a film professor, is put to the test when they both fall in love with the same man…

Each episode breaks the conventions of romantic comedy, much like the main heroine Murray does in front of her film students. True love seems possible, but is it ultimately desirable?

Starring Naomi Levov, Rotem Sela, Shlomi Tapiaro, Omer Etzion, Yoram Toledano, Aviv Pinkas. Available online from February 9th to November 15th, 9 episodes of 30 minutes each.


The Durrels, Simon Nye, Steve Barron (Now). With Roger Golby directing.

Based on the trilogy of books written by Gerald Durrell, The Mad Adventure of the Durrells.

In 1935, after the death of her husband and financial problems, Louisa Durrell decides to move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu with her 4 children.

With Keeley Hawes, Josh O’Connor, Daisy Waterstone, Milo Parker, Callum Woodhouse, Alexis Georgoulis, Miles Jupp, Anna Savva and Lucy Black.

A real feel-good series.


Your films and series to watch as of March 27th on Netflix




Israeli & films series



🎬 Dive into the story of Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to the United States Congress, portrayed by Regina King, in “Shirley,” a historical drama directed by John Ridley, now.


The film sheds light on the inspiring life of Shirley Chisholm, portrayed by award-winning actress Regina King, and her groundbreaking campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 1972.

Recognized as the first black woman member of the U.S. Congress, Shirley Chisholm is an iconic figure in American politics, whose story deserves to be told and celebrated.

Her 1972 presidential campaign is a pivotal moment in history, marking not only a turning point for women in American politics but also for the African American community.

Shirley is a testament to Chisholm’s courage, determination, and unwavering commitment to her beliefs and her desire to see a more inclusive future for America.

With a cast including Regina King, Lance Reddick, and Terrence Howard, “Shirley” promises not only to immerse audiences in a crucial period of American political history but also to shed light on Chisholm’s personal and professional struggles. The film seeks to inspire by showing how one person can make a significant difference in society, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.



Nimona, by Troy Quane, Nick Bruno

Based on the original work by: Troy Quane, ND Stevenson, Nick Bruno, Robert L. Baird, Marc Haimes, Pamela Ribon, Keith Bunin

A knight is accused of a crime he did not commit, and the only person who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a shapeshifting teenager who might also be a monster he swore to kill.



Hannah Gadby’s Gender Agenda – Now

Queer comedians from around the world take over the stage at London’s Alexandra Palace during an evening hosted by award-winning comedy star Hannah Gadsby. Already a cult classic.



The Greatest Night in Pop, Bao Nguyen : a must-see!


3 body problem,  David Benioff, D.B. Weiss & Alexander Woo, as of March 21st

A young woman’s fateful decision in 1960s China reverberates across space and time to a group of brilliant scientists in the present day. As the laws of nature unravel before their eyes five former colleagues reunite to confront the greatest threat in humanity’s history.



The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie.


Ripley, Steve Zaillian, with Andrew Scott

Ripley, Series adapted from the five novels by Patricia Highsmith featuring the character Tom Ripley, sent to Italy to bring back the son of a wealthy shipowner. He discovers a world that is not his own and endeavors to stay in it, even if it means resorting to murder. April 4th


Your films and series to watch as of ​March 27th on Prime Video



The Regime, a TV series by Will Tracy starring Kate Winslet (Elena Vernham) and Matthias Schoenaerts (Herbert Zubak). A whole year inside a palace, the seat of power of a modern European regime as it begins to crumble.





Three directors, Andréa Bescond, Sylvie Verheyde, and Lucie Borleteau, helm the ten episodes that narrate the misadventures of three young individuals.

We follow Ada, a victim of a pedophile, Sofia whose sexuality is exposed to the world, and Victor, a medical student unaware of the consequences of his actions. Whether victims or perpetrators, the episodes paint a picture of a generation overwhelmed by the reality of a world where the life of an anonymous person can be overturned in just a few clicks.



Detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro are investigating the disappearance of six men who work on the Tsalal Arctic Research Station, where night can last more than 24 hours.

Ennis is an Alaskan mining town with an Arctic research station. One day, its eight scientists vanish into thin air, leaving their sandwiches still warm on their plates. The only clue was a human tongue lying on the ground. The organ prompts local police chief Liz Danvers to make the connection with the murder, years earlier, of an Inuit midwife and environmental activist. Is it the same killer?



Expats, created by Lulu Wang, adapted from Janice Lee’s novel. Now!



“Ricky Stanicky”, comedy by Peter Farrelly with Jack Efron e& John Cena, on March 7th

Childhood friends Dean, JT, and Wes created the fictional character and best friend, Ricky Stanicky. John Cena portrays celebrity impersonator “Rock Hard” Rod, hired by the trio to impersonate their fictional friend “Ricky Stanicky.”


Ferrari” starring Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz

The film “Ferrari”, directed by Michael Mann, will be available in France on March 8, 2024. The film, featuring a galaxy of stars including Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, and Patrick Dempsey, has been eagerly anticipated by the audience.


American Fiction, Cord Jefferson

Thelonious Ellison, dit Monk, est un homme frustré.

En effet, le plus récent manuscrit de ce professeur de littérature n’a pas trouvé preneur chez les éditeurs. Las de voir publiés et célébrés des récits de misère, du trauma porn selon lui, Monk rédige sous pseudonyme une parodie de ce genre prisé.

Or, voici que l’intelligentsia, blanche toujours, s’enthousiasme, avec revenus accrus à la clé. Ayant cruellement besoin d’argent pour des motifs d’ordre familial, Monk poursuit la mystification.



Foe, Garth Davis.
2065, Hen (Saiorse Ronan) and Junior (Paul Mescal) lead a happy life on an isolated piece of land that has belonged to Junior’s family for many years. One day, a stranger (Aaron Pierre) shows up on their doorstep and everything threatens to fall apart. Their loyalty is put to the test when they receive a very surprising proposal.Foe is based on Iain Reid’s bestseller of the same name.



Saltburn, Emerald Fennell.


Your films and series to watch as of March 27th on Canal+





Mystère à Venise, by Kenneth Brannagh,

As the world slowly recovers from World War II, the master detective Hercule Poirot retires to the lagoon city of Venice.

One day, he reluctantly agrees to participate in a session in a dilapidated and haunted palace. Of course, the detective does not believe that the building is haunted.

But when one of the guests is murdered, he finds himself drawn into a strange world full of shadows and secrets.


Toni en famille, on March 12th, Nathan Ambrosioni with Camille Cottin, Léa Lopez, Thomas Gioria, Louise Labèque, Oscar Pauleau, Juliane Lepoureau.




“Archie” by Paul Andrew Williams and Jeff Pope, now on OCS & Canal +

🌟 Starring: Jason Isaacs, Laura Aikman, Kara Tointon.

“In 1986, in Illinois, Cary Grant, coming to meet his audience, reminisces about his childhood in England. In 1911, in Bristol, the actor, born Archie Leach, grows up amidst his parents’ disputes. The great poverty his family faces, the death of his brother John, his mother’s institutionalization, and then his placement with his grandmother are trials that shape his character…

‘Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even me.’

Behind one of these witticisms he was so fond of, however, lay a real existential crack in Cary Grant, unsuspected when he was admired on screen.

Archibald Leach, his real name, was always elegant, funny, and irresistibly charming, even in his most ambiguous roles.

Archie, an unprecedented British mini-series, paints the portrait of a man reflecting on his past, in the autumn of his career.


Trigger Point S2, created by Daniel Brierley, starting on March 14th.

Returning from a training session with Ukrainian soldiers in a London plagued by terrorist attacks, Lana Washington, head of a police bomb disposal unit, reunites with her team led by Commander John Francis, a somewhat misogynistic individual whom she soon finds herself confronting.



La fièvre, created by Eric Benzekri.

Written in collaboration with Laure Chichmanov and Anthony Gizel, and directed by Ziad Doueiri.

Starting on March 18th.

The series revolves around the rivalry between two women, former colleagues and friends: Samuelle Berger (Nina Meurisse), a spin doctor for HPI, and Marie Kinsky (Ana Girardot), whose right-wing populist one-man show sells out every night.

From the press to television, and through social media, they will engage in a merciless battle to sway public opinion when Fodé Thiam (Alassane Diong), star footballer of Racing, delivers a violent headbutt to his coach and calls him a “dirty toubab” – “White” in Wolof.

The title of the series is inspired by a passage from the novel “The World of Yesterday” by Stefan Zweig, often cited by the protagonists: “There was only one thing to do: to withdraw into oneself and remain silent as long as the fever and delirium of others lasted.”




“Feud : Capote vs. The Swans”

After the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, Ryan Murphy delves into Truman Capote and his high-society friends in the second season of Feud. In 1975, the famous writer betrays his friends, whom he called his “swans,” by publishing some of their unspeakable secrets in Esquire magazine. An offense that accelerated his social and artistic downfall. His close ones shun him, and he never recovers, sinking into his addictions.

Director Gus Van Sant leads this eight-episode series with a dream cast: Naomi Watts, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Calista Flockhart, and Chloë Sevigny portray Truman Capote’s “swans,” played by Tom Hollander.



Love and death, by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by David E. Kelley. Now. One of the best series of 2023! Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Jesse Plemons et Lily Rab

Candy Montgomery is the perfect housewife. One day, she’s fed up and wants to satisfy her own desires. Her quiet life is turned upside down when she becomes involved in an extramarital affair. The affair turns bloody.



Without sin by Frances Poletti, now.
Stella and her ex-husband Paul receive a message from the man convicted of murdering their daughter, who wants to apologize in person. Stella, in search of answers, decides to meet him. He brings her a new element that calls into question everything she thought she knew about the night of her child’s murder. A missing teenager could be the key to the mystery.



The Dreamer, becoming Karen Blixen, Dunja Gry Jensen, now.


“Full Circle”, created by Steven Soderbergh and written by Ed Solomon, is a six-episode series featuring two intertwined plots set in New York.

In Manhattan, Sam and Derek, a bourgeois couple, find their lives turned upside down when they receive a mysterious phone call claiming to have kidnapped their son, Jared. However, the teenager soon reappears at home, casting doubt on the truth of this alleged disappearance.

In Queens, Savitri Mahabir, the leader of a criminal group of Guyanese origin, seeks to avenge the death of her brother-in-law by planning the kidnapping of a teenager named Jared, the grandson of a famous chef, Jeff.



Mister Spade,” directed by Scott Frank and starring Clive Owen, follows the American detective Sam Spade, who now resides in France in the small town of Bozouls, seeking peace and tranquility.

However, the gruesome discovery of six brutally murdered nuns thrusts him into a murky investigation.

This series serves as a sequel to the renowned film “The Maltese Falcon” by John Huston (1941), based on the novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett. Set 20 years after the original story, the six 52-minute episodes follow detective Sam Spade as he returns to action.



Tokyo Vice S2, as of April 4th.



Your films and series to watch as of March 27th on Apple TV & Canal+


Manhunt, a series created by Monica Beletsky, now.

Adapted from James L. Swanson’s book, “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer.”

After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, just days before the end of the Civil War, his Secretary of War and friend, Edwin Stanton, begins the hunt to find Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

For two weeks, Booth eluded the police with the complicity of Confederate sympathizers, while the United States government plunged into crisis.

Featuring Tobias Menzies (The Crown, Outlander, Game of Thrones) as the tenacious investigator, and Anthony Boyle (Masters of the Air, The Plot Against America), in his breakthrough first major television role.




Palm Royale,  created by Tate Taylor and developed by Abe Sylvia, scheduled to premiere on March 20, 20241.

It is an adaptation of the novel “Mr. & Mrs. American Pie” by American author Juliet McDaniel, published in 2018.

A woman works towards attaining a place in Palm Beach high society, in the process learning what she will and won’t do to achieve this.


The Imaginary Adventures of Dick Turpin, by Claire Downes and Ian Jarvis, now.

In “The Imaginary Adventures of Dick Turpin,” Dick Turpin (Noel Fielding) embarks on a series of absurd escapades when he reluctantly becomes the leader of a band of outlaws and is tasked with thwarting the corrupt lawman and self-proclaimed thief Jonathan Wilde (Hugh Bonneville).


Criminal Record, Paul Rutman, now.

An anonymous call draws two brilliant detectives into a confrontation over an old murder case. One is a young woman at the start of her career, the other a well-placed man determined to protect his inheritance.


Masters of the Air, John Orloff, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman, now.


Constellation, Michelle MacLaren, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Joseph Ceda. Now.

This series follows the adventures of Jo, an astronaut portrayed by Noomi Rapace (the original interpreter of hacker Lisbeth Salander in the first Millennium series), forced to return to Earth after being the victim of a real space disaster and discovers that her life is no longer exactly as it was.

Starting from February 21st.




Operation Napoleon, by Óskar Thór Axelsson, starting on March 17th.

After receiving a video clip from her brother Elías showing him in front of the wreckage of a plane in an Icelandic glacier, Kristín sets out to find him.

But the explosive cargo of the wreckage also attracts other interested parties, as both CIA Director William Carr and German agent Simon try by all means to silence the accomplice.



Your films and series to watch as of March 27th on Disney Plus



“Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour” , on March 15th

Suncoast,  Laura Chinn.

A teenage girl living with her strong-willed mother must take her brother to a specialized facility. She forms an unlikely friendship with an eccentric activist during protests surrounding a historic medical case.


Quiz Lady, Jessica Yu with Awkwafina, Sandra O, now.



“Nell the Rebel,” by Sally Wainwright, on March 29, 2024.

Nell Jackson, portrayed by Louisa Harland (known for her role in “Derry Girls”), a cunning and courageous young woman, unwittingly becomes the most famous outlaw in 18th-century England after being unjustly accused of murder. 

Helped by a brave spirit named Billy Blind, she realizes that fate did not lead her astray by chance.

Shogun, by Justin Mark, Rachel Kondo, now.

The novel had already been adapted into a mini-series broadcast in 1980, starring Toshirō Mifune and Richard Chamberlain.

Two ambitious men, coming from different worlds, will cross paths with a mysterious samurai.

John Blackthorne, a daring English sailor, shipwrecks in Japan, a country whose culture he knows nothing about. On the other hand, Lord Toranaga is a cunning and powerful daimyo.

However, he is in conflict with his own dangerous political rivals. As for Lady Mariko, she is a woman with invaluable skills but with dishonorable family ties, who must prove her worth and allegiance.




A murder at the end of the world, with Brit Marling, Emma Corrin, Clive Owen, now.

Created by Brit Marling; Zal Batmanglij.



Extraordinary season 2, Emma Moran,  directed by Toby McDonald and Jennifer Sheridan, as of March 6th.

Jen has enrolled in the Power Clinic but quickly realizes that uncovering the nature of her powers is much more complicated than it seems. Jizzlord, the former stray cat turned boyfriend, has made an unexpected discovery about his past. Meanwhile, Kash and Carrie, who have just broken up, try to act like adults.




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