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This week, in your movie theaters, many great films to watch !

On the bilingual Movieintheair blog, I do for you a press review every Wednesday and keep the best of national and international audiovisual news.

What are your new series ?

What’s new in the theaters ?


  • Jodie Foster Special Guest of Cérémonie d’ouverture & Palme d’or d’honneur of 74e Festival de Cannes
  • Internet giant Amazon has bought the Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for $8.45 billion.



  • Atypical 4th season is coming on NETFLIX on July 9th!





  • Today !! How to dance like Rabbi Jacob, organized by La Cinémathèque, online: more information 


Out of nine very uneven films in competition, the jurors promoted two Iranian features: The Law of Tehran, by Saeed Roustaee, This is Saeed Roustaee’s second feature film after Life and a Day in 2016. (to be released on July 28), is awarded the Grand Prize and the Critics’ Prize, while The Slaughterhouse, by Abbas Amini, wins the Jury Prize.

The Law of Tehran will be released in theaters on July 28 


The only French film in competition, Boîte noire, by Yann Gozlan (to be released on September 8), starring Pierre Niney, won the Audience Award. It follows the journey of Mathieu Vasseur, a technician from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) in charge of investigating the crash of a Dubai-Paris flight in the Alps. 

Pierre Niney had already shot with Yann Gozlan in 2014. In An Ideal Man, he played an apprentice author also named … Mathieu Vasseur.



  • The selection for the Cannes Film Festival will be announced on June 3rd.



















your series

Mare of Easttown, by Brad Ingelsby, directed by Craig Zobel



She comes limping in. Nicknamed Lady Hawk because of a basketball hoop that won the city a championship, Mare is a battered female cop. She couldn’t solve an investigation into the disappearance of a teenage girl ten years earlier and in her personal life, she’s a broken woman.

Mare lives with her alcoholic mother, talks very little to her daughter and gets angry with everyone.

At the request of the girl’s mother, the investigation resumes, aided by a police officer with a good reputation.

Your series

I had already started to write about this series but it ended yesterday and until the end is worth watching.

It is the series of the moment.

Broadcast on HBO in the US, and in France on Canal Plus and OCS, Mare of Easttown is about grief, reconstruction and truth.

Kate Winslet, who co-produced the series, plays the title role and it’s a pleasure to rediscover her in this leading role, that of a woman for whom nothing is of interest except her grandson and her work. She throws herself into it to forget the drama she has lived through.

The actress will certainly receive awards this year. The script, the dialogues, the direction, everything fits perfectly with the universe of this story of filial love (whatever the characters), violence and despair.

If all the actors are sensational, I discovered an extraordinary actress, Julianne Nicholson, (who is not Jack’s daughter as I thought).


About a season 2, Kate Winslet told TV Line (source CNews):

” I feel like I’m in mourning. It was an absolutely wonderful role… There’s something very addictive about Mare, because she’s so vulgar and touching and brilliant and so real at the same time. You know what I mean? I loved being in her shoes (…) . Mare is a middle-aged woman, I will be 46 in October. I think that’s why people connected with this character the way they did, because she’s unfiltered. She’s a flawed woman with a body and a face that moves like a body and a face should move at her age. We all need that. ”

Indeed, the actress insisted that there would be no visual retouching, whether it was her stomach or her wrinkles.

Go for it !



your series




In a small town in Israel, on the day of Yom Hazmaut (Independence Day) while the high school seniors are attending the ceremony, four unicorn-masked individuals burst in and start shooting at random at the students and four of them are found dead.

A policeman, a former student of the school, goes to the scene. After the intervention, three Palestinians are found on the roofs and are immediately accused. But the weapons have disappeared. The investigation then turns to the students.


Your series (8 episodes)

A breathtaking and thrilling Israeli series, Blackspace will not let go of you once you start it.

The hero, Rami Davidi, incredible Guri Alfi, is a man who lost an eye when he was harassed by the students of the same high school twenty-five years earlier. His past resurfaces as he leads the investigation and he works day and night to find the culprits of this massacre, which is reminiscent of those perpetrated in the United States.

Post-traumatic symptoms plunge him back into this traumatic event, and Rami Davidi no longer knows how to live outside of his work.

This series allows its authors to address violence, bullying, injustice and misogyny present in Israeli society.

Blackspace can be seen now on NETFLIX.


Your series




Sandy Kominsky and Norman Newslander are two inseparable friends. But Norman dies and Sandy has to learn to live without him.

Her daughter Mindy, who helps her in her acting school, has met Martin, a man a little bit younger than her father, and she decides to marry him.

Sandy’s ex-wife then arrives.


Your series

Without Alan Arkin, the actor who played Norman Newlander in the first two seasons, I expected the worst.

Norman was my favorite character. The dialogues full of Woody Allen humor hit the spot every time in this feel-good series.

But Michael Douglas rose to the challenge. This time, he carries alone this season, more moving than the two previous ones, which tells us, as always, about the dream of becoming an actor, of being chosen for a movie, of living from his passion and of reaching fame.

This season is the last one and despite the heaviness of some scenes, it is worth the detour.

Currently on NETFLIX.

With Kathleen Turner, as well as Sarah Baker and Lisa Edelstein, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers, Ann-Margret, Jay Leno, Patti LaBelle, Ashleigh LaThorpe, as well as Jane Seymour and Paul Reiser.






On June 2nd in your movie theaters :


Playlist de Nine Antico, Avec Sara Forestier et Laetitia Dosch



Suzanna Andler, by Benoît Jacquot, from Marguerite Duras’s novel



Villa Caprice, by Bernard Stora



Petite Maman, by Celine Sciamma



All my life, by Marc Angels



Mission Paradis, by Richard Wong



Billie Holiday, une affaire d’État, by Lee Daniels



Playlist, by Nine Autico



Ride your wave, by Masaaki Yuasa




June 9th

Nomadland, by Chloé Zhao


June 16th

Sans un bruit (2), by John Krasinski


June 30th

Présidents, by Anne Fontaine



July 21st


Old, by Night Shyamalan









“How to Write Photoplays” by John Emerson and Anita Loos | by Scott Myers 

10 Screenwriting Skills and Traits You Need | by Scott Myers | Apr, 2021

Sundays with Stephen King’s “On Writing” | by Scott Myers | May, 2021

The Nemesis as the Protagonist’s ‘Shadow’ | by Scott Myers | May, 2021 


BOB DYLAN  IN MOVIES : a biopic is forecast with Timothée Chalamet in Bob Dylan ‘s part.





 June 2nd to June 9th



Wednesday 2nd

C8: Ben Hur

LCP: Sugar Man

Arte : Amin, de Philippe Faucon, avec Emmanuelle Devos

Jeudi – Thursday

Arte : Maroni (saison 2) 

M6 : Chernobyl

France 3 : Il faut sauver le soldat Ryan

Canal Plus : La daronne

TMC: Les visiteurs

Star : Instinct de survie


Vendredi – Friday

France 5 : Fanny et Alexandre

Arte : Les héritières

6Ter : Dans l’ombre de Mary, la promesse de Walt Disney


Samedi – Saturday

Arte : Les trésors de la cité des dieux


Dimanche – Sunday

France 2: Yao

TF1 Séries : La voleuse de livres

Arte : Beethoven symphonie n 8


Lundi – Monday

TMC : Ocean’s 8

Arte : New York 1997


Mardi – Tuesday

6Ter : L’arnacoeur

Arte : Un monde obèse


Mercredi- Wednesday

Arte: Le nom des gens






Jersey, the orphenage of shame

The Pope and The Mafia

Alcool, the global intoxication 



Be Tipul

Le somnambuliste





New York 1997

Kanal, ils aimaient la vie de (by) Andrzej Wajda

Des films primés à Cannes  


La Discrète de Christian Vincent

L’or se barre de Peter Collinson

À l’abordage


La Chaîne Parlementaire

LCP offers you a lot of good documentaries: here


La Cinémathèque Française


Carte blanche Le cinéma américain de Bertrand Tavernier – La Cinémathèque française

Rétrospective et exposition Louis de Funès – La Cinémathèque française

On Henri plateform, a cult movie everyday



Your movies and series to watch





Hit and run: A new series from “Fauda” star Lior Raz and his co-creator and co-writer Avi Issacharoff of “Times of Israel” .




Carnaval: After a breakup, an influencer takes her friends on a free trip to Bahia’s vibrant Carnival, where she learns life’s not just about social media likes. On June 2nd.



Skater Girl, on June 11th, by Manjari Makijany




Katla, on June 17th, by Baltasar Kormákur


Fatherhood, on June 18th



Your movies and series to watch

on Prime Video



Roland Garros every night



Panic, by Lauren Oliver (adapted from her bestseller)



The Outpost, by Rod Lurie, with Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, Orlando Bloom, dès le 4 juin

True story of the battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan, which raged on October 3, 2009. 53 American soldiers and nearly 400 Taliban. The film recounts the moment when 53 American soldiers were surrounded by 400 Taliban rebels at the world’s deadliest military outpost


The Tomorrow war, on July 2nd, by Chris McKay

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt). Determined to save the world for his young daughter, Dan teams up with a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father (J.K. Simmons) in a desperate quest to rewrite the fate of the planet.



Solos, 7 stories, by David Weil, with Anne Hathaway Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, on June 25th



Dreamland, by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, with Margot Robbie




Your movies and series to watch

on Canal+


Alex Rider, on June 8th (series), adapted from Anthony Horowitz’s novel , created by  Guy Burt, with Otto Ferrant




« Une autre idée du monde »,  Bernard Henri Levy  ‘s film will be broadcast on June 22nd.



Schitt’s creek saison1 on June 23rd



Your movies and series  to watch on 



Death and Nightingales, de Allan Cubitt

We are who we are (review here), by Luca Guadagnino.



Your movies and series to watch on

Apple Tv


1971: The Year that Music Changed Everything, a series produced by Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees

For James Gay-Rees, the year 1971 was also a turning point for fashion, marked in particular by the birth of Ziggy Stardurst, Bowie’s double for one album and a glam-rock icon for decades.


Physical, created by Annie Weisman with  Rose Byrne, on June 18th


Fathom, by Dr Ellen Garland & Dr Michelle Fournet



Lisey’s Story, adapted from the novel by Stephen King. The story of a woman, recently widowed, who becomes the object of a stalker obsessed with her husband’s work.

On June 4. Directed by Pablo Larrain (Jackie) with Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Jennifer Jason Leigh…



Your movies and series on 



Cruella: on June 23rd  Director : Craig Gillespie

Screenwriter: Tony McNamara, Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel, Jez Butterworth, Dana Fox, Steve Zissis avec Emma Stone, Emma Thompson.



Raya and The Last Dragon, on June 4th



Loki, created by Michael Waldron, with Tom Hidelston & Owen Wilson on June 6th



The Mysterious Benedict Society, on June 25th



Stay safe !


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