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In theaters and at home

In theaters and at home on your platforms : what to watch ?

On the bilingual Movieintheair blog, I do for you a press review every Wednesday and keep the best of national and international audiovisual news.

What’s new in the theaters ?

What are you going to watch at home ?



  • A biopic starring Carey Mulligan will tell the story of the investigation that led to Harvey Weinstein’s downfall.


  • Studiocanal will produce the spy thriller Europa (8×60′), based on the best-selling novel series The Fractured Europe Sequence by British author Dave Hutchinson published since 2014 by Solaris Publishing. 


  • Canal+ has just announced that actress Doria Tillier will be the master of ceremonies for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival, which will be broadcast respectively on July 6 and 17 free-to-air and live on the encrypted channel.


  • The Cannes Festival completed its Official Selection on June 10, announcing 9 additional films in the different sections.


In Out of Competition will be presented Where is Anne Frank? by Ari Folman (Le Pacte); it is the only animated feature film of the Official Selection.

Vortex by Gaspard Noé will be screened in the “Cannes Première” section and Mes Frères Et Moi by Yohan Manca (Ad Vitam) in the Un Certain Regard section.

The Midnight Sessions are completed by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu’s musical Tralala (Pyramid), and Audrey Estrougo’s biopic on NTM, Suprêmes (Sony).

The Special Sessions will also feature Bill Murray’s Party: New Worlds, The Cradle of a Civilisation by Andrew Muscato;

Mi iubta mon amour by Noémie Merlant; Les Héroïques by Maxime Roy (Pyramide); and Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Wen Shipei.

Finally, the opening film of Un certain regard, on July 7, will be Onoda – 10,000 Nights in the Jungle by Arthur Harari. 







Films en juin





The temporary cinema Cinéma Paradiso Louvre is back at the Louvre, with the majestic Cour Carrée as its setting.

Some 1,500 seats are available each day, with reservations required. A musical program and a range of catering services will round out this exceptional year, organized with the strictest respect for sanitary conditions.







Le Point POP











Au cinéma
L’oubli que nous serons


L’oubli que nous serons, by Fernando Trueba



Colombia in the 1980s.

Dr. Hector Abad Gomez, father of a family of six children, including five daughters and a son he adores, fights to get the inhabitants of Medellin out of poverty and questions the government about its inaction.

Despite the threats against him, he refuses to be silenced.

His son remembers their lives.


The film


Adapted from the novel written by Hector Abad Gomez’s son, Hector Abad Faciolince, his novel El olvido que seremos translated into several languages, is considered one of the most important novels of Colombian literature and best seller in Colombia.

It was therefore not easy, as with any adaptation, to make a success of this film, which is at the same time intimate (the adoration of a father and his son), family and historical fresco. Colombian producers had to propose it to the director and he hesitated a long time before accepting.

The director Fernando Trueba has Billy Wilder as a mentor and wanted to finally show on screen, not the mafia bosses and the killers (who have had their share of cinema) but the victims of injustice, the everyday heroes.

The oblivion that we will be is a moving film, beautiful (this alternation of black and white and color) and wonderfully played by the hero of this story, Javier Camara who also plays in the series The New Pope and Narcos and in many films by Pedro Almodovar. He said in an interview “This film was more than a film, it was a common cause”.


To see urgently in the cinema!


With also Nicolas Reyes Cano and Patricia Tamayo.




Au cinéma



Médecin de nuit, by Élie Wajeman



Mikael is a night doctor who helps drug addicts. He does everyone a favor and at the same time is completely lost.  Married with a family, every night he finds his mistress, and his cousin to whom he provides false prescriptions until an investigation threatens to have him removed from the Order of Physicians.

Mikael wants to stop everything but it is not so simple…


The film

Élie Wajeman plunges us into a world that few of us know. It is about the violent, gloomy, and hard daily life of a doctor played by a brilliant Vincent Macaigne. Pio Marmaï plays wonderfully the role of the cousin who is both a crook and a party animal.

Like Jacques Audiard in De Battre mon coeur s’est arrêté, Élie Wajeman alternates moments of brutality and almost poetic pauses in the life of this man who wants to regain control over his life while being addicted to it. We follow him in this breathless race, wondering how it will all end…

This French thriller is a must-see in theaters this week.


Also starring Sara Giraudeau, a very good actress (also seen in Le Discours that I moderately appreciated).



À la maison



Mixte, by Élie Wajeman



In 1963, the Voltaire high school in Saint Jean, in the Charentes Maritime region, which is not coeducational, welcomes girls for the first time, eleven in all.

The arrival of these girls will upset the daily life of everyone, theirs but also that of the teachers and the boys.


The series


Created by Marie Roussin,, this series shows us a not-so-distant France where people wondered if girls should really be sent to school.

Prejudices, machismo and misogyny have shaped French society and Mixte shows us this with a lot of humor but also a real lucidity on the education given to girls and boys which then has consequences on their whole life.

Brilliantly played by Pierre Deladonchamps, (seen in the role of the predator in Les Chatouiles), Anne Le Ny, Léonie Souchaud, Nina Meurisse, Vassili Schneider, Maud Wyler, this intelligent series sometimes makes us uncomfortable, makes us laugh and breaks the myth of the 60’s nostalgia.


To see at home on Prime Video (two times four episodes)



À la maison
I may destroy you


I may destroy you, by Michaela Coel




Arabella returns from Italy, where she has been having a good time thanks to the advance on her novel’s publication. In New York, she goes out one night and meets up with friends.

The next day, she wakes up with a head injury and can’t remember anything except the face of a man standing over her.


The series

Over twelve episodes, we follow the journey of deconstruction and reconstruction of the author, drugged without her knowledge and raped at a party in a bar.

Arabella files a complaint, is listened to, but that is not enough. What can she do to feel better?

A search for herself and an investigation of the people she has seen to try to reconstruct the facts follows.

Arabella, played by Michaela Coel, is surrounded by friends including actors Weruche Opia (Bad Education) as Terry, the heroine’s best friend, Paapa Essiedu  (Murder on the Orient Express) as Kwame, her other best friend, and Aml Ameen (Sense8) as Simon, a character close to her.

They have also had traumatic experiences without sometimes resulting in complaints.

Little by little her memories will come back. How to rebuild oneself then?

Michaela Coel delivers an autobiographical story, and the characters are all rich and complex.

“The series explores different themes: love, sex, responsibilities, friendship, what society perceives as taboos – with a lot of nuance,” Aml Asheen told the BBC a few days ago. “It’s also the first time I’ve seen Black British characters so fleshed out, highlighting the variety of our experiences. I really admire that.”

The Bafta Awards, the British television awards on Sunday night, June 6, crowned the British series I May Destroy You and its director Michaela Coel for her performance as Arabella.

This series is unique in its kind by the dry, fast, jerky writing it generates in each episode.


A must-see on Canal Plus and OCS. 









In your  theaters :



17 Blocks, by Davy Rothbart



June 16th


La Nuée, Just Philippot



Sound of Metal, Darius Marder



Les Deux Alfred, by Bruno Podalydès



A Quiet Place (2), by John Krasinski


A angry man, by Guy Ritchie



Land, by Robin Wright




June 23rd


Gagarine, by Fanny Liatard and Jeremy Troulh



Minari , by Lee Isaac Chung


Wendy, by Benh Zeitlin


June 30th


Présidents, by Anne Fontaine


In October


First Cow, by Kelly Reichardt











Barry Jenkins: I Want To Unpack The Generational Trauma of Slavery | by Nadine Drummond 

Fernando Trueba – Portraits –

Resource: Great Scenes | by Scott Myers | May, 2021 

How to Write Tight. Everything I learned about concision I… | by Yi Shun Lai 

Rencontre avec Fernando Trueba – « Je pense que j’ai plus de projets que de temps à vivre » – Maze

Trimming Tricks of the Trade: Cut Transitions | by Scott Myers | Jun, 2021

We’re on the road to… somewhere.. A really long-ass bridge… story… | by Scott Myers | Jun, 2021

Writing a Logline for a Character Driven Drama | by Scott Myers | Jun, 2021 |

“How to Write Photoplays” by John Emerson and Anita Loos | by Scott Myers






 June 16th to June 23rd

Au cinéma et à la maison



Mercredi- Wednesday

Arte:Claude Chabrol : La fleur du mal  

Canal Plus: Énorme

C Star : Didier

Jeudi – Thursday 

Bruno Dumont has imagined an even crazier season 2. After the discovery of an extraterrestrial magma, Quinquin, who is now called Coincoin, and the police officers Roger Van der Weyden and Rudy Carpentier, find themselves embarked on a crazy police and existential adventure.


Chérie 25 : L’échange


Vendredi – Friday Les-indesirables-l-errance-du-saint-louis/ 

In 1939, nearly a thousand German Jews embarked on the “Saint-Louis” to find refuge in Cuba. But the outcome of their journey will turn out to be tragic… Based on real facts, a moving historical fiction.  By Raphael Beinder


Samedi – Saturday

Arte: Narbonne-la-seconde-rome/ 

Narbonne was one of the greatest metropolises of the Roman Empire in Gaul. Recent discoveries and scientific advances inform about the crucial role of this flourishing city that was rightly called “the second Rome”.


cinéma et à la maison


Dimanche – Sunday

Arte : Captain Fantastic 

A father lives in autarky with his six children in an American forest. But after a tragedy, the family must confront the world… With Viggo Mortensen, a deep and moving fable about the parental bond and American values.

C8 : Une étrange affaire


Lundi – Monday

Arte: la Discrète 

France 5 : 12 Years a slave

W9: La proposition


Mardi – Tuesday

Arte : De-la-farine-au-four-quel-pain/

TF1 : Le diable s’habille en Prada
6TER: Catch me if you can


Mercredi- Wednesday

Arte: Juste la fin du monde – Xavier Dolan






June ‘s films and series 




Jodie Foster


The story of a community of “riders” who participate in creating a new cultural and social order in Africa. From Ghana to Rwanda, passing through Senegal and Uganda, these crazy riders tell us the keys to their “playground”: dented sidewalks, deserted squares, bumpy roads or sandy tracks… So many obstacles that make these free spirits real warriors on the asphalt as in life.







Be Tipul

Maroni (season 2) 



New York 1997

Kanal, ils aimaient la vie de (by) Andrzej Wajda

Des films primés à Cannes  


La Discrète de Christian Vincent


La Meute – La Jauria from July 17 to 23 rd




La Chaîne Parlementaire

LCP offers you a lot of good documentaries: here


La Cinémathèque Française



Tribute to  Wang Bing, Chinese movie maker 








Katla, on June 17th, by Baltasar Kormákur



Fatherhood, on June 18th



The Sinner, season 3: on June 20th: created by Derek Simonds, based on the novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, with Bill Pullman as Lieutenant Harry Ambrose



Wonder Boy, Olivier Rousteing, né sous X by Anissa Bonnefont, on June 26











on Prime Video



The education of Frederick Fitzell, by Christopher Macbride



Harry Bosch, la saison 7

Created by Michael Connelly and produced by Amazon Studios, starting June 25

Developed for Amazon by Eric Overmyer, it is based on three novels by Michael Connelly: Wonderland Avenue, Echo Park and The Concrete Blonde.

Starring Titus Welliver as Detective Harry Bosch and Jamie Hector as Detective Jerry Edgar



The Tomorrow war, on July 2nd, by Chris McKay

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt). Determined to save the world for his young daughter, Dan teams up with a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father (J.K. Simmons) in a desperate quest to rewrite the fate of the planet.



Solos, 7 stories, by David Weil, with Anne Hathaway Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, on June 25th



Dreamland, by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, with Margot Robbie





on Canal+




Man in an orange shirt now, by Patrick Gale



Pose, by Ryan Murphy




« Une autre idée du monde »,  Bernard Henri Levy  ‘s film will be broadcast on June 22nd.




Schitt’s creek saison1 on June 23rd




June ‘s films and series 



Death and Nightingales, de Allan Cubitt


We are who we are (review here), by Luca Guadagnino.


Blindspotting, by Carlos López Estrada




June ‘s films and series 

Apple TV


This summer




Physical, created by Annie Weisman with  Rose Byrne, on June 18th



The Morning Show, season 2, September 17




June ‘s films and series 



A 6 minutes short movie : Us again



Aretha, the series



Cruella: on June 23rd  Director : Craig Gillespie

Screenwriter: Tony McNamara, Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel, Jez Butterworth, Dana Fox, Steve Zissis avec Emma Stone, Emma Thompson.




The Mysterious Benedict Society, on June 25th



Stay safe !


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