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Trois films pour se sentir existe

Three movies to feel alive

Three movies to feel alive.

Every week, on the bilingual Movieintheair blog, I choose for you the best of national and international audiovisual news.

Here are the latest news in cinema, series to see or watch again, films on television and on your platforms and news about festivals. This week, one theme, how to feel alive again after a drama.

This week, a review on a movie seen in a movie theater, a cult movie with Bill Murray and the adaptation on screen of a great novel.



films et séries


Il Campione

Il Campione

I had the chance to watch this movie before its release and which you will find the review here.

This is a must see movie during the holidays, a movie about friendship, paternity and passion.

In your movie theaters today







Eva en août

Review here


Dawson City


Tenet :  by Christopher Nolan, as from August 26th, finally ! 



Chonqing Blues



To come out again:  La Haine


Now in your movie theaters:


Three movies to feel alive :

(1) Born in Jerusalem and still alive

By Yossi Atia et David Ofek


Ronen lives on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. He takes care every day of his father who refuses to leave his house since the death of his wife. Ronen has nightmares. Every day, he wakes up in a sweat.

Then, one morning, he decides to show tourists where the bombs exploded in Jaffa street. Jaffa Street is the street that has seen the most attacks in the world.

A young Japanese boy comes, then a group and every day new tourists discover the Jaffa street and the places of the attacks guided by Ronen. Ronen does not charge for his “visits”. He considers that it is his duty of memory to pass on to others the story of the attacks on this street. He distinguishes between “routine” (bus) and “exceptional” (café) attacks. Between his father and the tourists, Ronen lives in seclusion.
Then he meets a young Israeli tourist who is studying in Barcelona…

There are no words in Hebrew to talk about this period of the attacks. This rather successful first film – it’s a bit long at times – has some beautiful tragicomic moments and deals with a subject rarely seen in cinema: the trauma of the populations victim of attacks.

With Yossi Atia, Lihi Kornowski



Three movies to feel alive :



If I pronounce Bill Murray, you will think immediately of Lost in Translation. Even if he has never won an Oscar, Bill Murray is the actor we would all like to know, he breathes intelligence and his half sad half funny face makes him close to us, a little like Tom Hanks.

Bill Murray lives without having an agent – which is very rare in Hollywood – and chooses his parts through a dedicated voice mailbox.

The pitch

A late career actor, Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), a recently married young woman meet in a luxury hotel in Japan. Everything is lost in translation: the time zone, their own lives, the culture of the country. The two characters get attached though a bond that no film critic has ever really managed to elucidate. Maybe that’s why the movie has become cult.

Sofia Coppola drew inspiration from her past life in Japan and the relationship between Bogart and Bacall in The Big Sleep (see review) to tell this story which, while romantic, is above all poetic and puts us in the same mood as Bob and Charlotte.


Avec Bill Murray et Scarlett Johansson




Forum des Images : Le monde du documentaire avec Michael Prazan

La Roue, d’Abel Gance, un chef d’oeuvre recomposé, par le CNC.

Revisiting Spotlight on Netflix

Kubrick, Dylan and Another Self Portrait





Wednesday 5

TCM: Fort Bravo
France 2 : L’amie prodigieuse (series)
Arte : Maudie: the true story of a Canadian painter


Thursday 6

TCM: Les Proies
W9: Borsalino
Arte: The Killing (série)
Chérie 25 : Le goût des merveilles

Friday 7

TCM: Le fugitif
Arte: 22h25 : Queen : Live in Budapest
Canal+: Fahim, avec Gérard Depardieu

Saturday 8

TCM: Fight Club
Arte : Le cosmos selon Kepler: portrait du scientifique allemand

Sunday 9

TCM: Ocean’s Eleven
LCP : Rembob ‘INA
C8: La moutarde me monte au nez
Arte: Dune
TFX: Deux heures moins le quart avant Jésus-Christ

Monday 10

France3: Very Bad Trip
Arte: La fille Rosemarie

TF1 Cable: La vérité sur l’Affaire Harry Quebert
Canal+ : Mrs America

Tuesday 11

Canal+ : Adults in the room
6ter : Le gendarme se marie

Wednesday 12

Arte: Youth , le chef d’oeuvre de Paolo Sorrentino: avec Michael Caine et Harvey Keitel

France 4 : Les Compères



Movies and series to watch




La taverne de la Jamaïque d’Alfred Hitchcock

Vers un destin insolite sur les flots bleus de l’été


Tout est vrai ou presque : Mick Jagger

La fantasy, tout un monde

Mars, en route pour la planète rouge

Les requins qui venaient du froid


La Cinémathèque Française

Sur la plateforme Henri, un film culte gratuit chaque jour.


Movies and series to watch

on  Netflix

Netflix adds to its catalogue 44 Arab films, classical and more contemporary ones, directed by Youssef Chahine, Yousry Nasrallah, Nadine Labaki, Moustapha Akkad, Annemarie Jacir and Laïla Marrakchi.



3% saison 3, as from August 14th



Work It, on Friday


Nigerian Prince, as from August 14th




Movies and series to watch

on  Prime Video


The best movies of Amazon Prime (selected by The New York Times)


The Last Narc


Movies and series to watch

on Canal+

Three movies to feel alive :

(3) The goldfinch

Script Peter Straughan- Director John Crowley


Adapted from Donna Tartt’s eponymous novel I had loved reading, I recently watched the movie on Canal+.

The director – whom I had seen Brooklyn, a very nice film about an Irish immigrant in New York of the last century – I really liked his vision of The goldfinch. The actor who plays Theo Decker the little boy, Oakes Fegley, is extraordinary. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on this film which I found successful, even if it’s not perfect (some clichés…).

The life of this little boy who survives an attack in which his mother dies at the Metropolitan Museum and his torments, so extraordinary as they were described by Donna Tartt, is masterfully interpreted and filmed by John Crowley

With: Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Aneurin Barnard, Finn Wolfhard, Oakes Fegley



Movies and series to watch

on Disney+


Black is King by Beyoncé.

Review herei

The 50 best movies to watch on Disney + now (New York Times’ choice)



Three movies to feel alive

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are to produce a documentary on health. Directed by Alex Lockwood, the feature-length documentary film “The End Of Medicine” will focus on zoonoses, i.e. diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans.

More information here.

Luca the next Pixar is on going. More information here

European movies and women according to Les Échos.

A new documentary about Billie Holiday

New: a short movie about the suffragettes and Inez Milholland, Into light


A documentary by Kim Longinotto on Letizia Battaglia,  Shooting the mafia, 


Three movies to feel alive

Tribute to Alan Parker

A documentary on Salvatore Ferragamo directed by Luca Guadagnino will be shown at  La Mostra de Venise

La Mostra de Venise et le cinéma italien 


The American Festival of Deauville: interview of Bruno Barde, his art director.


Podcast about the movie Singin in the rain in 42ème rue by Laurent Vallière




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