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Her smell movie

Her smell. Elisabeth Moss is the lead actress of her generation.

Her smell movie ?

A huge waste


From Mad Men to “Top of the Lake réalisée par Jane Campion (broadcast on Arte) to the series
The Handmaid ‘s Tale”, Elisabeth Moss is everywhere and often plays.

She even has a small part in late David Lowery movie starring Robert Redford “The Old Man and the Gun.

But Alex Ross Perry, who already directed her in two movies and wrote this part for her, made a exhausting, oppressive movie. The story of this singer,  who is lost, on drugs is hard to deal with.

Here, no subtlety, endless scenes of shoutings -in backstage, in the studio recording-.

The secondary characters who could have been developed (the other singers of the band, the young rocking singers band with Cara Delevingne) are left on the side.

I really love films where the music is the main theme but despite Elisabeth Moss on screen (that’s only the reason why I did not leave during the screening), I really had the impression of wasting my time.


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