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Vic’s only outlet is her football. When she gets home, two little sisters finish dinner in the town of Clos Français.


Party in the cities


Every night, his abusive older brother comes home late and the three girls are afraid of him. Their mother works day and night and has given up on her daughters’ schooling. 
As for  Abdellatif Kechiche, Céline Sciamma tackles the importance of school in education.

Vic’s life is turned upside down. She meets a gang of girls. With them, she finds comfort and confidence. The only way to assertive herself is through verbal or physical violence. Her situation seems hopeless.

Vic is the current counterpart of Vic in the 80s. Girls do everything like men, they fight, steal, challenge and insult each other  This is  the only way to can get respect from men. The other choice is to  get married.

The director takes us in a universe where violence is everywhere. And when Vic explains to her teacher: “You can’t understand. It’s not my fault. “, everything is said.

The system as it exists in the suburbs leaves her no escape. Only  few dances in a hotel room thrill the young touching and talented girls.

Girlhood is a beautiful, successful film, played by Karidja Touré. These young women deserve more than violence, they are eager to become free from male domination.


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