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All films as from July 5th

Your weekly program as from July 5th



All the best films as from July 5th








Alice Guy’ film









Miraculous, Jeremy Zag

With Anouck Hautbois, Benjamin Bollen, Antoine Tomé


The superheroine who has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world is coming to the big screen for the first time! Ladybug must join forces with Black Cat, the charismatic masked vigilante, to take on the Butterfly and his horde of super-villains.


À contretemps, Juan Diego Botto

With Penélope Cruz, Luis Tosar, Christian Checa

A lawyer with strong social convictions, Rafa has until midnight to find the mother of a little girl left alone in an unsanitary apartment. If he fails to do so, the police will place the little girl in a home. In his race against time, Rafa crosses paths with Azucena, a woman unjustly threatened with eviction, and who, to get out of the situation, is trying to provoke a citizens’ revolt. As the hours tick by relentlessly for these two struggling souls, Madrid becomes the place for all kinds of anger…


Une nuit, Alex Lutz

With Alex Lutz, Karin Viard, Jérôme Pouly

Paris, crowded subway, an evening like any other. A woman pushes a man, they argue. Soon, the electric current turns into… burning desire. The two strangers leave the train and make love in a photo booth.


Les Filles d’Olfa, Kaouther Ben Hania

With Hend Sabri, Olfa Hamrouni, Eya Chikahoui

The life of Olfa, a Tunisian mother of 4 daughters, oscillates between light and shadow.

One day, her two eldest daughters disappear.

To fill their absence, director Kaouther Ben Hania calls on professional actresses and sets up an extraordinary cinematic device to lift the veil on the story of Olfa and her daughters.

An intimate journey of hope, rebellion, violence, transmission and sisterhood that questions the very foundations of our societies.


Tout Le Monde M’appelle Mike, Guillaume Bonnier

With Abdirisak Mohamed, Daphne Patakia, Pierre Lottin

Jean, Isabelle and their son Damien have left everything behind to sail around the world. During a stopover in Djibouti, they meet Mike, a cab driver. Jean, anxious to set sail again for the dangerous Gulf of Aden, decides to take Mike on board, against Isabelle’s advice.


Yo Mama, Leïla Sy, Amadou Mariko

With Claudia Tagbo, Zaho, Sophie-Marie Larrouy

Distraught by their 11-year-old sons’ rap video, three mothers decide to take their turn at rap with an explosive clip, with the aim of re-establishing communication within their household. Against all odds, the three best friends are a resounding success.


Master Gardener, Paul Schrader

With Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, Quintessa Swindell

Narvel is a horticulturist devoted to the gardens of the refined Mrs. Haverhill. But when his employer forces him to take on her grandniece Maya as an apprentice, chaos ensues, revealing dark secrets from Narvel’s past.


Joy Ride, Adele Lim

With Stephanie Hsu, Ashley Park, Sherry Cola

Audrey asks her childhood friend Lolo, her former roommate Kat, now a star of Chinese soap operas, and Lolo’s eccentric cousin Deux de Tens’ to accompany her to China in search of her biological mother. But their trip turns into the craziest of experiences, and the young women are in for one wild ride after another!


Welfare, Frederick Wiseman

1973. Problems of housing, health, unemployment and abuse plague the poorest Americans. In a New York welfare office, employees and users find themselves powerless in the face of a system that governs their work and their lives.



Au cimetière de la pellicule, Thierno Souleymane Diallo

In 1953, Mamadou Touré made “Mouramani”, the very first film by a filmmaker from French-speaking black Africa. But no one knew where to find him. Thierno Souleymane Diallo travels the length and breadth of Guinea in search of this lost work, using his camera to confront history and cinema, both the one we watch and the one we make.



Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra, Alain Chabat’s cult film released 21 years ago, is getting a makeover for a theatrical re-release on July 5 in a restored 4K version, at the price of 5 euros.




Movies to come (and we are looking forward to it):


Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One


Oppenheimer,  Christopher Nolan, next July 19th


Hypnotic, Robert Rodriguez


The Color Purple, Blitz Bazawule (“Black Is King,” “The Burial of Kojo”) and produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Scott Sanders and Quincy Jones. Expected December 25th.



Bottoms, Emma Seligman





Scott Myers : Go into the story





Mercredi- Wednesday 5

Arte : Moka

TF1 : Le dîner de con


Jeudi – Thursday 6

Canal + : Foundation

Arte : Emma

M6 :Mission impossible Fallout

TMC : Fantomas

TF1 Series : Pan

Vendredi – Friday 7

Arte : L’informateur

Canal + : Tirailleurs


Dimanche – Sunday 9

France 2 : Goldeneye

Arte : Les quatre filles du Dr March


Lundi – Monday 10

Canal + : Gangs of London (série)

Arte :  La moutarde me monte au nez

France 3 : Green Book : sur les routes du Sud

France 2 : Black Mirror (série)

Canal + : 1985 (serie)


Mardi – Tuesday 11

Canal + : Le parfum vert


Mercredi- Wednesday 12

Arte : L’Odyssée de Pi

TF1 : Les bronzés

Canal + : The Resort





Flatland – trois horizons

In South Africa, a policewoman pursues a young murderess on the run in the desert…

At the crossroads of western, road movie and film noir, a work of exceptional visual power from young South African director Jenna Cato Bass.


L’amour à rebours

After an arranged marriage, Mina feels lost in Germany, where she has joined her Iranian husband…

Director Susan Gordanshekan, whose parents were themselves involved in an arranged marriage, paints a sensitive portrait of two people torn between the values of their upbringing and the freedom of the Western way of life.



Pussy, Pleasure, Power ! Le désir féminin dans la pop culture

As female pleasure takes on an increasingly important role in pop song, how do women receive these messages of “positive sexuality” without taboos? Find out in this documentary that celebrates the intimate.



Maîtres et Valets

An English aristocratic couple takes possession of an elegant London mansion.  To maintain her position, Lady Holland must recruit the finest servants. In the vein of Downton Abbey, the series Maîtres et valets explores the lives of tragi-comic characters against a historical and social backdrop.


Raven, Maciej Pieprzyca

A quiet, tortured investigator struggles between child abduction and corruption in the Polish police force.


Short movies

27 Flóra Anna Buda

At the age of 27, Alice still lives with her parents and has no private life or love life. After falling into a coma following a bicycle accident on the way home from her birthday party, she realizes it’s time to leave the nest…

“27” won the Palme d’or for short film at the Cannes 2023 Film Festival.



The forest of Mademoiselle Tang

After “Funan”, awarded the Cristal for feature film at the Annecy Festival in 2018, Denis Do sweeps through two centuries of Chinese family history in a superb animated film.



All films as from July 5th on Netflix


Black Mirror, S6 , now


Nimona, Nick Bruno & Troy Quane


Wham!, George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley, as of July 5th



The deepest breath, Laura McGann, as of July 19th



All films as from June 28th on Prime Video


The United States of fashion designer Elie Tahari, David Serero

Fashion designer Elie Tahari has been living the American dream for over 50 years.

He came to New York in 1971 from Israel with less than $100 in his pocket, slept on benches in Central Park and went on to build a billion-dollar fashion empire. There are thousands of fashion companies in the world, but only three have lasted more than 45 years and are still run by their founders: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Elie Tahari.



Good Omens S 2, Neil Gaiman, as of July 28th.


The Lost flowers of Alice Hart, Sarah Lambert, as of August 4th.



All films as from July 5th on Canal+


LE PARFUM VERT, Nicolas Pariser, now.


1985, by Wouter Bouvijn, now.



The Resort, Andy Siara, as of July 12th





All films as from July 5th on Apple TV & Canal+


Silo, Graham Yost: go for it!


The crowded room, Akiva Goldsman,  with Tom Holland.




All films as from July 5th on Disney Plus


Chevalier, Stephen Williams, now


Secret Invasion, Kyle Bradstreet, as of June 21st


Great expectations,Brady Hood, as of June 28th.



The Bear, season 2, Christopher Storer, as of July 21st.


Ahsoka, Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni, as of August 23rd


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