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The game changers

The Game changers – Louie Psihoyos – Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Game changers. Louis Psihoyos et avec Arnold Schwarzenegger
This incredible documentary shows us the influence of our diet on our body and focused on the greatest sports athletes.


What did gladiators eat?


Since Liebig’s theory, meat and energy are linked as cigarettes were to good health at another time.

We follow James Wilks, elite coach of the Special Forces and ultimate winner, as he meets the greatest sports athletes, including Morgan Mitchell, and Arnold Swarzenegger, convinced of the benefits of the vegetarian diet.

The documentary shows during a simple experiment, the cliché of the supposed links between virility and meat-eater.

In addition to all the information we all know today on the devastating effects of farming, the documentary shows the little-known effects of plant power on physical performance.

This documentary is now on Netflix and has to be seen.

So how about having a meat-free day?


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