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New York in ten movies

New York …What movies do you think of ?

New York

New York  & the movies are one

When A rainy day in New-York  came out by woody Allen, many movies about the great city of New York arose in my memory.

New York is jazz, musicals, Acto’s Studio, Robert de Niro, Woody Allen, all the movies but also business, fashion, tolerance.


These ten movies and these three series are about New York:

Manhattan : trailer: Woody Allen 1979: a masterpiece, my favorite movie of Woody Allen.

Once upon a time in America : trailer :  Sergio Leone: 1984 : Robert de Niro, James Woods, Joe Pesci

Taxi Driver : trailer : Scorcese : Robert de Niro

Whiplash : trailer : Damien Chazelle, great director ! 2014: jazz performances

– Bird : trailer: one of the best movies of Clint Eastwood on Charlie Parker ‘s life

– King Kong : trailer : the original : 1933: Merian C. Cooper et Ernest B. Schoedsack: Cooper. The name was choosen from a kingdom in a rocky mountain called Kong in North Ivory Coast and then tied to the King name. 

New York, New York : trailer :  Scorcese , 1977: Robert de Niro

West Side Story : trailer: 1962 Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise

Breakfast at Tiffanys: trailer :1961 Blake Edward & the wonderful Audrey Hepburn who sings Moonriver.

When Harry met Sally : trailer : Jyly  1989 & Rob Reiner.

Spiderman : trailer :2002 Sam Raimi


& Three iconic series

Mad Men (best series ever) : trailer: Matthew Weiner, 2007

Friends (of course) : trailerCentral Perk (:) ): 1994 : Marta Kauffman & David Crane

Sex and the City : trailer: Darren Star 1998, M. Big & Carrie Bradshaw shoes (Manolo Blahnik)




New York





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