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Lost Holiday – Matthew’s brothers

Lost Holiday- Matthew’s brothers. This polar-comedy has been written by two brothers, Thomas and Michael Matthewswhom one is also an actor.

The “New Coen Brothers ” ?

Lost Holiday


The pitch: Margaret and Terry, two best friends, come back to Washington for the Christmas break. At a party with old friends, Margaret learns that her ex-boyfriend is getting married.

She feels sad and with Terry decide to leave the party to buy some drugs. Later, they find out later that a woman, who was acting in a porn-movie with the drug dealer, has been kidnapped. Margaret decides to investigate helped by his friend Terry (played by Thomas Matthew)…But everything won’t happen the way they want…

This truculent comedy is a pretext to talk about youth, hope, love, and what we want to do when you’re almost thirty…

After the screenings, amongst author and directors who inspired him, Michael Matthews mentioned Raymond Chandler, (“The big sleep”, “The long goodbye”), Wes Anderson, for his way of filming and confessed that he nearly shot in black and white because of his passion for “Outsiders” by Francis Ford Coppola.

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