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Working Woman Michal Aviad

Working Woman-Michal Aviad

Working Woman by Michal Aviad. Orna is hired by the eco of a big real estate company. Then, she becomes soon his closer new employee.

Working Woman Michal Aviad

Working woman by Michal Aviad

Holding…till the end


Married to Ofer who launches his own restaurant, and mother of three children, Orna spent her time running and working hard to provide for her family.
She begins to earn a great deal of money when one night, Benny, her boss, tries to kiss her. He crossed the lines. But Orna is scared and feel guilty. She doesn’t know how to react.
From this moment, the spiral begins till the moment when she can’t go to work anymore.

Michal Aviad, the director, encountered difficulties to find the funds for her movie, whose drama was not strong enough according to some producers. It was as well hard to find an actor who wanted to play the harasser.
The subject is still taboo and often diminished. The movie is good, it shows well how difficult it is despite the laws.
Liron Ben Shlush is perfect as Rona and Menashe Noy (Benny), is particularly repulsive.


This website helps the women, victims of sexual violence and gender sexists acts.


A short story by Steve Cutts on our mad consumer society 



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