Les héritiers

A teacher of history proposes to her class to contribute to the National competition fo Resistance and Deportation. From anti-Semitic replies  to the testimony of Léon Zygel,

Les héritiers

By MC Menton Schaar


the teenagers of Mrs Guéguen’s class change, find their identity, get moved and end up opening up, respecting themselves and the others. And we, as spectators, become attached to these students, eager to learn.
They finally gain new roots.

This film shows, if needed, that we should never give up teaching history and that the Shoah can be taught in the suburbs.
History has taken place, we cannot deny it and we are the only actors of it. Let’s not be passive, let’s react, let’s transmit.

The director, all of her actors, and the witnesses of the story take us along into their adventure to preserve memory, children, and therefore all of us.

It is a moving film, beautiful and hopeful, a must-see one.


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