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Whiplash, the first movie of Damien Chazelle. The rhythm of drum at night at the bottom of a corridor, a young musician of nineteen years old. An emeritus teacher comes. And the dream can come true.

Whiplash, a thunderbolt


New-York shoot at night and we remember Manhattan by Woody Allen and above all jazz.

Damien Chazelle, the director, takes us into a swirl of drum, jazz, in a world of music where, for the hero, the only way out is the success.

Andrew, the hero, breathes and lives only for the art of playing music. His father is his whole family, a caring and protective father.
The young musician fights against Terence Fletcher, his demanding teacher, at every moment. He faces his fears to become the next Charlie Parker, as a drummer.

To excel and succeed, he has no other choice but to confront his tyrannical and ruthless teacher.

Blood in his hands as a boxer, he will play whatever it costs to become the best, and the one chosen by his teacher. Becoming the best is a matter of life and death.

Damien Chazelle has this rare talent, to tell a story that becomes universal. In Whiplash, We are at the heart of music, the drummer, and our heart beats only for this brave young musician.

By closes up, lights that are pale yellow, green and a permanent music, the spectator is immersed in the life of this ambitious musician and we support him in his passion.
When he fails, we fail. When he succeeds, it becomes euphoria.

He embodies our abandoned wishes to become an artist.

Art is all about work.

When the teacher says  «Let’s have some fun», the joy of playing begins.

And finally, the genius breaks out.



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