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Mommy. As the movie begins, we feel for this mother, Diane, who has to pick up her son at a juvenile detention center.


What  is love ?


The character’s own world is so rich that we feel empathy for the mother, the child and the neighbor, the three heroes of this drama.

And of course, when Diane signs Die, we think of death.

A Mother and her son try to reconnect after the father’s death. A traumatized neighbor contacts them and brings them a breath of fresh air.

Xavier Nolan shoot intimate and ordinary scenes in a sort of Clint Eastwood way.

He puts us in a position of a caring voyeur of this suffering characters, looking for balance and happiness.
The movie, shot in a square format, gives us some space when good events happen.

His purpose is to show us that we all suffer, and some more than others. His technic, his universe, powerful dialogues, take us in the universe of the mother.

The question is : Is saving a child just a matter of love ?


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