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Maps to the stars

Maps to the stars ‘s title could be Maps to hell.

Maps to the stars or

Hell in Hollywood


David Cronenberg takes us at the heart of movies, what makes us dream, and the magic word Hollywood

The reality is far from magic. In Hollywood, movie stars are crazy, unbalanced, see events that would make The sixth sense (Night Shyamalan) for a funny movie.

The director tackles the Hollywood system through a unbalanced family, a movie star at the end of his carrier, he dissects Hollywood’s soul. Defamation, seduction, violence, drugs, death are all that matter to become a star.

Bright colors as a Hitchcock movie, enhance violence and superficiality of the atmosphere.

Indeed, actresses and actors do whatever it costs to exist. And to exist, you need to act. And act at any cost, get the lead part to remain a star. Madness is the price. Hollywood is an asylum where everyone takes pill. Those with scruples stay in their jobs and won’t become famous. Everything is about appearance, costume and physical beauty. The soul does not need to be pretty.

The characters, sort of Romeo and Juliette, incestuous, prisoner of their destiny since they are born will only be freed by pills. As spectators, we think, are all actors crazy ?

Do you have to be crazy to convey emotions ?

David Cronenberg is questioning our love for movies and our fascination for actors. If there is one reason to watch his movie, this is the one.


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