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The invasion by Sergei LOZNITSA

The Invasion by Sergei LOZNITSA



In “The Invasion” 10 years after the release of his epic film MAIDAN, Sergei Loznitsa resumes his Ukrainian chronicles by documenting the country’s struggle against the Russian invasion.

Shot over a 2-year period, the film portrays the life of the civilian population all over Ukraine.

THE INVASION presents a unique and ultimate statement of Ukrainian resilience in the face of barbaric invasion.

In the second part of his Ukrainian diptych, Loznitsa paints a monumental canvas of a nation determined to defend its right to exist.



The Invasion by Sergei LOZNITSA was presented at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival in a special screening.

Sergei LOZNITSA creates a realistic portrait of his country at war and pays tribute to the courage of Ukrainians.

The sequence opens and closes with soldiers who died in combat. Each sequence seems to be a long photographic pose.

Sergei LOZNITSA captures photographs of the daily life of the people and emphasizes the consequences of the war on food.

He shows the importance of religion in Ukraine, which helps them endure daily life and believe in a possible victory for their country.

We witness the celebration of weddings, the destruction of thousands of books with the names of authors like Dostoevsky, Jack London, or Mayakovsky filmed, the shooting training of a young woman, the baptism of people in 3.5° water. Then there are the roads, the bombed cities, the ambulances, the children in a school forced to take refuge in shelters…

A very sad situation from which we hope for a near end and a victory for Ukraine.

Will a documentary about Israel and the pogrom of October 7 be selected next year?


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