4 romantic comedies to watch

4 romantic comedies to watch.

4 romantic comedies to watch


BlackMirror : Saison 4 Hang the DJ

By Thimothy Van Patten (who also directed some episodes of Game of Thrones)

An app determines the duration of all relationship before finding the perfect match, for ever life.
But Franck and Amy meet but want more than the app has decide for them…

Why : for the actors, and the story, very well thought

4 romantic comedies

To all the boys I loved before

Lara Jean writes a letter to all her lovers but keeps them in a secret box. One day, the letters disappear..
Directed by Susan Johnson

Why : for the humor, and how we define ourselves through our relationships

4 romantic comedies

Carrie Pilby

Also directed by Susan Johnson. Carrie is a gifted girl who has trouble to communicate and make friends. One day, her therapist challenges her. Her life begins to change…

Why : for the story, very original and the moving loneliness of the characters

4 romantic comedies


Always be my maybe

4 romantic comedies


It could also be “Sasha and Marcus” so it is alike  “When Harry met Sally“.
Directed by Nahnatchka Khan,with Ali Wong, Randall Park, Keanu Reeve

Two childhood friends meet again fifteen years later…

The fans did a playlist on Spotify.

A must see comedy !


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