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An officer and a spy – Roman Polanski

From the very beginning of J’accuse, we are immersed in the violence of anti-Semitism of this time.

The anti-Semitism of an entire society led to the double conviction of an innocent man for dishonour, life imprisonment and prison, torture (no one spoke Alfred Dreyfus and at night he had his ankles chained when he was the only prisoner on a desert island).

The dishonor of France

An Officer and a Spy


Since Le Pianiste, Roman Polanski had not made us experience such a shock.

The direction is masterful.

Adapted from the novel by Robert Harris (Fatherland’s author).

Everything is detailed. Anti-Semitic soldiers looking for a perfect culprit, an accusation file as thick as a sheet of paper, intelligence services close to amateurism, and men, one of whom, Marie-Georges Picquart, found out that an innocent man has been convicted and revealed the plot to Emile Zola.

Emile Zola was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 3000 francs after writing “J’accuse” in the newspaper L’Aurore on January 13th,1898, three years after Alfred Dreyfus‘ conviction and went to England before the sentence to be enforceable. His books were burned, his property seized and there was a resurgence of anti-Semitism (shop windows broken of shops which belonged to Jews, insults…). And four years after Alfred Dreyfus has been arrested, he was sentenced again in 1899 to ten more years of prison, then pardoned and finally cleared… But he never got the military rank and reparation he deserved. J’accuse movie is doing him justice.

Roman Polanski gave Jean Dujardin the role of his life. When he plays the Colonel Picquart, an anti-Semitic man, passionate about the army, and whom for truth matters above all, Jean Dujardin has never played so well. 

From the antisemitism yesterday till today…

A pleiad of great French actors, the music composed by Alexandre Desplat, and the photography done by Pawel Edelman (director of photography on The Pianist) made this film a masterpiece and the best French film of this year. J’accuse also won the Grand Prix du Jury at the Mostra in Venice. Will the César be brave enough to give him a reward ?

Calls for a boycott for any reason whatsoever are an aberration, an attack on freedom of expression and the exposure of the truth, a France with a shameful past, a fierce anti-Semitism.

They only reinforce the message that the Roman Polanski  wants to convey, the anti-Semitism of yesterday led to the Shoah, what can we expect when we look at anti-Semitism today?

As a feminist woman, I condemn the calls for a boycott of this film. It is essential. Go and see it before it’s too late.


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