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The Media Assembly

The Media Assembly took place at the theater Edouard III. One of the main subjects was : the future of author status.

What future for the authors ?


Three different debates were held on at the Media Assembly.

  • European and international production, led by Frédéric Sojcher, Directeur du Master scénario, réalisation et production à la Sorbonne,
  • The new source of finance and production : led by  Frédéric Sojcher, Directeur du Master scénario, réalisation et production à la Sorbonne,
  • The new audiovisual landscape : led by Pascal Rogard, Directeur Général de la SACD.
  • And the Trophée (by Victor Hadida, Président d’honneur de la 11eme édition de l’Assemblée des médias et du 7ème Art), has been awarded by Victor Hadida, in tribute to his brother Samuel Hadida , a movie producer who passed away last year. The winners were : OSMOSE, RÉALITÉ AUGMENTÉE  and MINUSCULE 2 RÉALITÉ AUGMENTÉE.

The rising of VOD platforms has changed the French audiovisual landscape.

During several hours of debate, some personalities tackle this tricky subject, particularly on the current laws being negotiated.

Besides the adjustments which have to be made to balance the empowerment of the VOD platforms (to make them pay for the bandwidths ? ), the “hot potato” was the lack of compensation structure for the authors in France.

They all agree that the author should be at the heart of the stake. They remind that there is a French cultural particularity (as the CNC, a unique aid system in the world) and get a fair and proportionate compensation for his or her work.

I hope it will happen before everyone goes to write for the platforms..

For more information (speakers, debate) :  L’Assemblée des Médias

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