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Styx tragédie du siècle


Styx….Movie news of the week.




Monkey are watching the Gibraltar bay.

Below, container ships entered the port. Night time. A car crash.

We discover Rike, an emergency doctor.

The day after, on her sail boat, Rike opens a book which shows us her destination: the Ascension Island, an island located North Ste Helena where Darwin planted a whole forest. Nature has been domesticated but it is still wild.

Sea, navigation, physical effort…A storm. .When she wakes up, the open sea has changed. Susan Wolff, the main actress did a great performance. The movie, subtle, is very strong. Today, sea is not only a symbol of freedom…but a symbol of despair and death.

What can we do to prevent death of migrants every day in the sea ?

The movie raises the question of individual and collective responsibilities.
Wolfgang Fisher is committed in speaking out this tragedy. Some other intellectuals are testifying. Erri de Luca, the great Italian poet and writer volunteered on rescue ships.

Interview Erri de luca

In the Greek mythology, Styx (antic greek Στύξ / Stúx, from the vers στυγέω / stugéô, « hate») is an Océanide, the elder daughter of Ocean and Téthys, or a goddess, daughter d’Érèbe (the darkness) and Nyx (the night) according  to other  traditions.Styx is one of the rivers towards hell.


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