The Offense Sidney Lumet

De Sydney LumetWith Sean Connery (Sergent Johnson), Trevor Howard (Superintendant Cartwright), Ian Bannen (Kenneth Baxter) , Vivien Merchant (Maureen Johnson)


Masterpiece of 1973 released in France in….2007

This radical and strong movie is about Sergent Johnson, a police officer, who, after twenty years of carrier, chases a raper of girls, in the suburbs of a big city of England.

Directed as a play, and adapted from the eponymous by his author John Hopkins, « The Offence » is a movie dedicated to  Sean Connery, at his best in this part, as a lost, ambiguous officer who breaks down. The dialogue is powerful, the brutal and violence of the music composed by Harrison Birtwistle reinforces the anxiety of the scenes behind closed doors. The photography of Gerry Fisher, who also worked on Joseph Losey movies (« Mr Klein », « Secret Ceremony »...), is another particularity, where the scenes switched between deep dark black and blinding white lights.
The director Sidney Lumet tackles pedophilia, barely treated at that time (and still not today…) and also put some subliminal pictures (also in « The Pawnbroker »)  in his movie. Sean Connery did change his glamorous image at that time by playing in this movie.

Some said that Sean Connery also worked on the script. He played in other Sidney Lumet movies in  « The Hill », « The Anderson » (1971),  « The Orient-Express  Crime » (1974) and « Family Business » (1989).

Released in 1973 in the USA, « The Offence » didn’t get out till 2007 thanks to Swashbuckler Film (no TV, no movie theater before). United Artists didn’t want at that time,  Sean Connery image to be tarnished because of his character in all James Bond ‘ movie pictures.

It is a must-see movie. A classical.


1 réflexion sur « The Offense Sidney Lumet »

  1. Un excellent film de Lumet, très sombre. Un interrogatoire étourdissant et étouffant.

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