Paternity is a theme loved by the festival this year. Paternity is a theme loved by the festival this year.

A new Daniel Day-Lewis is born


A man who has abandoned his son and wife twenty years sooner has to take care, at his woman’s death, of his grown-up son who has special needs.

Lonely and gruff, Ruven manages a garage and hires his son to help him.

Played by Dov Glickman (also seen in “The conductor“, an Israelian series ), Ruven will soon get attached to his son Gadi, played by Nevo Kimchi. He will love him more than his own life.

Nevo Kimchi is extraordinary and his performance reminds me of Daniel Day-Lewis in “My left foot“.

His complicity with Dov is above words.

The social worker, Ilana, character related to the birth of their relationship, is wonderfully played by Evelin Hagoel.

What about the laces ?

Well, I won’t tell anything but they are of course a crucial part of the story.

Laces are also a metaphor of the bind who links a father and his son.

Laces is a beautiful movie. The story is a tribute of the director, the great Jacob Goldwasser to his son.

This movie has been nominated to all the Ophirs in 2018 and Dov Glickman has been rewarded of the Ophir of the Best Supporting Role.

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